Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Video Released!

Get ready for seven minutes of Lady Gaga at her quirkiest, courtesy of the newly released video for 'Born This Way.'

Gaga unveiled the video for the smash hit on YouTube Monday morning, giving her little monsters a treat to start their week. In the video, Gaga is seen in expectedly outlandish costumes, skeletal facial paint, bra and underwear ... you know, the usual. The video takes place on "a government owned alien territory in space" where a birth -- a mildly graphic one, for that matter -- takes place, and the result is a Christ-like figure in the form of Gaga.

'Born' has torn up the airwaves and charts since its release earlier this month.



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  • Jessica Lee Bower
    Jessica Lee Bower

    very weird start, music didnt really suit clip at all!!! did sound like Madonna, Gaga u let me down!!!

  • dafish11

    i had to watch that twice ahahhaa just to make sure i saw the right things and to understand it a little bit more

  • Dylan

    This video is just gross and vulgar. It's a complete mess. Not impressed.

  • Geosiala

    Huh, good song, really interesting video. I know a lot of people have compared this song to Madonna's "Express Yourself", but there's also a lot of "Vogue" in there too. And what's with the closeup near the end of the video, with Gaga sporting a gap in her teeth, ala Madonna? What's up with that? Not as original as I would've expected.