Charlie Sheen Talks ‘Goddesses’ and Family in Second ‘Today’ Interview (VIDEO)

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Just in case yesterday’s Charlie Sheen interview on Today (and various other bizarre rants) wasn’t enough for you, the morning show unveiled the second portion of their chat with the erratic actor on Tuesday.

In the new interview segment, Sheen introduces the world to his two “goddesses” — Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin — who he says have taken not just the roles of his new gal pals, but also as guardians over his wild ways. Sheen explains:

“These women don’t judge me. They don’t judge me. They don’t lead with opinion. They don’t lead with their own needs all the time. They’re honest enough to tell me, ‘Hey, look, you — you know, park your nonsense. You gotta help me solve this.’ And we solve it.”

Sheen, whose longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield quit on Monday following the actor’s rash of interviews, addressed the attrition of his longtime associate, saying “maybe he got overwhelmed … Maybe he felt like he wasn’t respected…I don’t know….but- there’s sort of something epic about that. That it got so gnarly that Stan just went, ‘I’m out.’ That’s fine. That’s how I roll. And if it’s too gnarly for people, then buh-bye. There’s the freakin’ door, you know?”

As for his two “goddesses,” Sheen also says that when things approach “crisis” mode — with no allusion to what exactly that is or has been — he is the one calling the shots.

“Everybody’s vote has equal importance. But when we’re approaching crisis, I remind them, ‘Look, I’m 22 years further down the road … my plan is gonna be the best one in the room. So, just trust me on that and everybody will win. Everybody will win and everybody’s needs will be taken care of,” Sheen said.