Charlie Sheen’s ‘Goddesses’: Who Are Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin?

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To say Charlie Sheen’s family dynamic is unconventional would be a complete understatement.

In a Today Show interview that aired Tuesday morning, Charlie introduced the world to his “goddesses,” Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin aka Bree Olson, a model and adult film actress respectively, who have recently been helping raise his young twin sons, Bob and Max.

So exactly who are these “goddesses” Charlie raves about?Charlie’s angels have most definitely been making headlines themselves recently as Bree was arrested for a DUI on February 3 in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

According to an arrest report from Fort Wayne police, Bree Olson, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, crashed her Lexus on West Jefferson near Swinney Park just after 11 p.m. on Thursday, February 3. Olson told the officer that arrived on the scene that she was uninjured and that she had slid on a patch of ice after leaving a club earlier in the evening. Her car had taken out a light pole.

Radar Online also reports that Bree experience some tough times during her teenage years, and according to a source, even spent two years in a juvenile correctional facility. The source told Radar Bree “had stayed in juvenile facility as a teenager for what she called ‘criminal mischief’ but I would not be surprised if the offenses were worse than that.”

Bree has also appeared on The Howard Stern Show, as well as an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as a nanny who Kris Jenner hired, only to be fired in the same afternoon for acting inappropriately. The adult film star, who began making films at the age of 20, has starred in nearly 170 adult films and has even been featured in Hustler magazine. Check out video of Bree on Kardashians below:

Natalie’s past isn’t quite as colorful as Bree’s but she is known for being voted Chronic Girl 2010 for Cali Chronic X Magazine, a marijuana enthusiast publication, E! Online reports.

Charlie’s dedication to his “goddesses” proved too much for estranged wife Brooke Mueller to handle, as a vacation they were all supposed to take together was cut short, but despite that, the other goddesses have obviously remained.