Expert: Selena Gomez Should 'Lay Low' Following Bieber Twitter Hate

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber recently broke millions of young girls' hearts when he publicly confirmed his romance with pop star Selena Gomez by sneaking in some PDAs at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday. Justin's hardcore fans aired their grievances over "Jelena" on Twitter and some even went so far to make threats on the Disney star's life.

How can Justin and Selena both deal with the fan hate surrounding their romance without alienating their fans? Celebuzz spoke with Monica Cost, celebrated columnist for EURWeb and branding expert, who helped map out the next steps for the young couple.

Monica explains that it can be hard for male teen stars to get into relationships with women (famous or not famous) since they are often placed "in a position where the fans feel that they are in a place of ownership" over the celeb. Justin's fans are an important and involved part of his life and he actively pursues an engaged relationship with his Beliebers through Twitter and Facebook, so it is easy to see why many of his fans would feel like they "own" the young star.

Monica also explains that Justin and Selena's relationship may prove to problematic for some fans since she is older (18) and he is still viewed a "the young teen heartthrob."

As for how they should address the Twitter hate, Monica suggests that Justin make the first move.

"He has to say something first," Monica explains. "I would have him address it on Twitter but not in a deliberate [separate press] interview since it would give the haters a voice. Selena should lay low for awhile."

"He should say something like, 'I just want the fans to know that I still love them and I'm still here'," says Monica. However, Monica notes that Justin shouldn't shy away from the fact that he is "acting like a normal teenager" and getting into a relationship with girl. That's what teenagers do, after all!

"On Twitter, the fans forget that [the celebrity they're bashing] is human," Monica continues. "Over the computer it is just so easy to just...say it and there is no accountability on Twitter. When you are getting bullied or hated on, you have to pull back."

As for how the Biebs and SelGo should act now that they are an official item, Monica says she wouldn't change anything about their behavior.

"I wouldn't have them do more [press appearances] than they are doing," Monica explains. "However, I would brand Selena in a less sexy way, more jeans and t-shirts and not so much red lipstick and high buns." Those looks, says Monica, may draw attention to the fact that Selena is older than Justin.

What do you make of the Jelena hate? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • purplebunnyboo11

    nobodys hatein on his gfs they didnt hate on jazmine or katyln just selena and i see y she a little too old and she sounds controling after the E news told me but like i said wat do ik im just a gurl who speaks her mind

  • purplebunnyboo11

    hey i see that ur a carin biebz fan but hey its just young love itl end soon rite now its just lovey dovey and plus we dont kno selena or justin so lets leave them alone ok? and plus ilegal 4 them to even date but wat do ik im just a girl who just read the latest

  • purplebunnyboo11

    actually sweetie no its only selena no one had no freakin prob wit jasmine or katyln so shut it dont be mad cuz ppl dont like her cuz u aint them so dont call them losers they aint callin u a loser or oh brendanio likes selly shes a loser there not sayin nothin so u shouldnt say stuff about ppl u dont even kno thats my oppinion

  • purplebunnyboo11

    ok sam some fans r jealous not all fans are jealous im not a fan of justin biebz or selly gomz i like them but not a fan but dont say there jealous they just think selena only goes 4 it boyz and that shes not gud 4 him so dont trash on jbs fans on sellys cuz u have not rite to do that

  • purplebunnyboo11
  • purplebunnyboo11

    well im not like all these other fans i dont want justin i like selena and justin but that very rude to say to them would if he brakes up wit selly and date a fan so dont think oh cuz these girls dont like selly they cant be wit them they all have a chance :)

  • purplebunnyboo11

    hey everyone i lke selena gomez but everyone knows shes too old for justin shes 2 yrs older he is in love with her though pics on fb keeps poppin up pics of them kissing all the time theres even one of them laying the bed sleep together even theres ones with miley and jasmine all these girls what i dont understand is that why does he go after all the older girls he even asked out rihannah but you cant stop jb from lovin selly

  • purplebunnyboo11

    they have kissed alot of times dude its all over fb theres ones that r very strange there kssin all the time on fb all ther pics are of them kissin

  • .____.

    I agree with miley .____. but , i feel like that because she goes from Men to men to men like she went with nick. o.O

  • miley

    i use to love selena now that she started dating justin i am not a big fan any more (sigh)

  • DezzyDraye

    Well it's sad that it's hard for them to have a relationship. This somewhat reminds me of Usher and his marriage. It didn't last long because he lost many of his fans while being married. Hopefully Justin won't follow in his mentor's footsteps, but since his fan rate dropped a bit, i highly doubt that the relationship will even last.

  • Jessica

    Leave them alone. Justin doesn't want you.

  • maggie

    that is so true i mean really people stop hating jbs gf

  • vicious321

    All these "professional" PRs or consultants for celebrities are ruining the Justin Bieber that his fans once used to love so much. The Justin I saw on TV now spoke money, promotion nad marketing, cuz he's been used as a cash cow from people who's trying to milk as much money from him as possible before he turns 18 or 20. While all the "branding experts" like Ms. Monica Cost are turning this "normal teenager boy" into a "normal celebrity." Just let him and Selena Gomez be themselves Ok?? We all know Selena is fake so we are not expecting too much from her anyway. I admire Justin’s interview in the Rolling Stone, cuz he really stated his opinion on controversial issues, I saw people (who are not his fans) saying things like where is this boy’s handler/PR? But I appreciate his honesty cuz he’s not being manipulated by all the “adults” and he sticks to his Christian faith. Start ignore his fans unless it’s for promotion, doesn’t care what his fans think…etc are the last thing Justin Bieber's fans want to see. Justin was able to thrive due to his innocence and grassroots background; this is why he succeed without having big corporation machines like Disney or Nickelodeon. Once Justin Bieber changed into a "normal celebrity", which looks like he is on his way, he can then retire as a child star and spend all the money those tweens were throwing at him and chill out with Selena Gomez for rest of his life. How about his future to be the next Michael Jackson?? At this rate, only in his dream. Unless he can be smart as Michael and leave the company he is in now once his contract is up and work on his crafts to prepare for a big comeback. His team just want him to be the next Justin Timberlake, which is not bad though. But only God knows what his future will be like. I can only wish his best.

  • Nunyuhhh

    1) nobody cared if you hate them as a couple. It's not gonna stop them. 2)she was hiding her face at dinner with him because of her busted lip. Im not saying it was a fan that punched her, but it was busted and swollen. When they got there, her lip was fine. Something must have happened over dinner. She's not ashamed of being seen with him. 3)she is sweet and innocent. Quit bashing on her.' 4) They are cute together.!(:

  • sam

    am on team selean gomez.

  • sam

    I think selena gomez and jsutin bieber make a cute a couple and i am so happy for them fans are just jesalous because selena gomez is dating justin bieber i think it is so stupid i think thier should leave them alone. even am supporting selena gomez because she's great for him. at least he's not dating jasmine v so fans should let them date

  • sarah

    they haven't confirmed being together the tabloids say that on there own

  • sarah

    i totally agree they won't last he says its nothing serious hes just having fun being a teenager!

  • sarah

    its only publicity in somepictures they are to posed and she's always hiding and ashamed when with him in public! they are just very friendly friends. you never saw any pics of him kissing her. only in her face...its only for publicity she says he's like family and the paparazzi just takes it too far

  • AliBieber777

    Look, in my mind, i think that as long as Justin is happy his fans should be happy. I mean yeah they have every reason to be upset, come on i was upset. but death threat?come on ladies, lets have a little dignity here. other wise (MY OPINION) One, I dont think they will last. Two, I just dont like the name Selena Bieber. Three, Who says we Beliebers have to be happy for her? all we have to be happy for is Justin, cuz thats why we love him, if hes the Justin Drew Bieber we have all come to know and love than he won't change over a girl. Hes a teenager for crying out loud! anyways, i wish the best for the Biebs, and if Selena breaks his heart, she better be prepared for all hell to break loose even more...

  • Emily

    sorry, but the chances for basically every justin fan to actually be with him are nonexistent; it's ridiculous for them to be crazy and obsess over him. no, he's not your ex or a guy who sometimes flirts with you (in which case your anger would be somewhat justifiable). He's a popstar whom you will never meet. He makes songs about girls, not about you. he's hot, and you think you love him. but you don't know him at all, and looks fade. I know how it feels (I used to be a fangirl of certain rock stars) but these crazy and at times psychotic girls need to get their heads out of the clouds and let this kid live his life.

  • janaizbeastly!

    this makes me sad i hate selena anyways! she is just gonna break up with him! oh well its his fault for liking a fake lil heart breaker! i love JB!<3

  • jjd40

    Excellent advice from Ms. Cost. I think that Justin is subject to lots of teen angst andI hope his parents are healthy enough to make sure, as best they can, that he is allowed to be a teenager. I love Michael Jackson and there is no comparison in talent but there he is an example of the confusion that can take place when your fans come before being able to live out the the youth and teen years of your life. Who knows what normal is really? Teenagers make choices and have girlfriends without the input of the entire world. It's already a stressful time. I truly hope he gets off twitter and lives his life. Looking forward to more from Monica Cost.

  • Rhitma Kemala
    Rhitma Kemala

    okay, why must with selena gomez? (i don't like her) maybe i could accept if he's dating with Victoria Justice. I HATE JELENA!

  • Blue

    Justin Bieber fans needs to know that they dont have a chance on Bieber. If u really love him be happy for him and stop hating on his gf.

  • scoop

    Just beautiful above couldn't be happier for both. It must be nice to have some one who understands what you go through. some one who is in the same business and gets the craziness but most important a best friend which is what these two are to one another. just lovely together best wishes justin and selena u give us hope take care of each other

  • Brendanio

    No offence, do you ever think that his respect for the fans has dropped because of all the death threats these crazy losers keep sending any female he comes into contact with?? Also he sucks anyways...

  • Kenzie Boggs
    Kenzie Boggs

    It's ok Justin us fans shouldnt care , I just want you to be happy(: True fans wouldn't care but i will admit i'm jealous!But i've always loved Selena(:

  • It's ok, Bieber!
    It's ok, Bieber!

    They are NOT a great couple. It is ridiculous that she dates only guys who are popular!! I really don't want her to hurt him... just look at her face when they are hugging!

  • javi

    in my view the death threats from his fans are empty death threats meaning that these girls are only over reacting. justin never going to change he's a normal 17 year old whos growing up like some of his fans should life goes on we grow up you the fans should love him for the music and message he brings not for who he dates and some of his fans also are very ungratefull because he cares about his fans and you attack him just for having a girlfriend thats crazy.

  • Faith

    I think they are really cute together I love Justin Beiber and who cares what pppl thin,k.

  • Mr. Miller
    Mr. Miller

    Great advice Monica!

  • Hayleigh

    No offense But I don't like them as a couple. Ever since Justin started dating Selena the respect for his fans you can tell has dropped. It really upset me when I found out they were a (couple) ! I still will always love Justin Drew Bieber though :)

  • ally

    the fans are not trying to ruin his relationship. They're just jelous, or feel like he is to young for selena and they dont want to see him hurt. being a bieber fan i dont want him to be hurt. Selena has dated other "it" guys before and after 3-4 months theyve been done. And people married are legal. Selena's an adult and justin isnt..just yet. So i see why some people are worried bout that

  • Herda Paul
    Herda Paul

    I dont get why his fans are trying to ruin his realitonship with selena. Who cares if shes older then him. Some people in this world are older then their bf,or husband. Yall just need to stop hating. Why you guys trying to hate its not right trying to threaten her thats called cyber-bullying its not right. He consider you guys as his fans not his girlfriendzzzzz.SMH!!