Kendall Jenner’s Gorgeous Prom Dress Shoot (PHOTOS)

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While the rest of the high school world is in the early stages of preparing for the prom, Kendall Jenner is going one step further by modeling some amazing dresses that are sure to be huge at proms across the country this year.

The burgeoning 15-year-old model (and younger sister to the Kardashians) gave the world a peek at her fashion shoot for dress designer Sherri Hill’s prom dress collection, and she looks nothing short of stunning. Older sister Khloe chimed in on that fact, saying on her blog:

OMG I seriously couldn’t even breathe when I saw these pics of Kendall!!!!! She is literally breathtaking LOL. The pics are from a photo shoot for Sherri Hill prom dresses. I can’t wait to see the final results.