Expert: Christina Aguilera Needs a Mental Health Assessment

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After Christina Aguilera was taken into police custody for public intoxication, many of her friends and loved ones are said to be suggesting rehab. Celebuzz decided to speak with renowned therpaist Dr. Charles Sophy and ask his thoughts on Christina’s situation.

Some may see Christina’s new boyfriend Matthew Rutler as an enabler of her behavior, does Dr. Sophy agree?

She’s dating a new guy who’s five years younger than her. Now that they’re dating and she’s having a lot of issues, is he possibly an enabler?
No, I just think that it really comes back to her and her judgment and what the focus in her life is. Does she have the ability to step back and take a look at her life and the decisions she’s making, and are they in the best interest of her and her child? It’s not necessarily on him. It’s more about what she’s looking for in her life.

Christina was a child star and a relatively young mother. How much do you think that plays into her recent downfall of hers?
I think that whenever you have any issues [of child stardom or young motherhood] going on in your life, it’s imperative that you have good parenting along the way. If she was a child star with solid parenting, then that probably wouldn’t have wronged her too much. If it was faulty parenting or not great parenting, then on top of it she had a child at a very young age, it could be a problem because many times people who do have children at a young age haven’t been counseled or parented appropriately and either are acting out or happen to get pregnant — either by lack of parental guidance or by lack of education. None of those are great places to start to have a family, so having ‘child star’ and ‘young mother’ together would indicate that there probably had to be something early that wouldn’t allow for stability. I’m not necessarily surprised because it’s a lot of pressure and maybe you’re not equipped.

How much do you think her divorce has to do with what she has going on? Does that play a big factor into it?
All of those things are woven together. I don’t know what kind of parenting she had, but along with ‘child star’ and ‘young mother,’ nothing really looks like it’s well put together. They’re all factors that are added in.

Should her soon to be ex-husband be involved in helping her get back on the right track?
I think that parents should be stable for the best interest of the child. If they have a type of relationship where they can help and support each other, sure. Anyone who can help that she’ll listen to is needed. The child has to be in a stable place, and if [her ex] feels that it is not, then he has to do something about it.

A lot of people are saying that she needs rehab. Do you think that that’s what she should do next?
What should be next is a really good assessment of mental health and perspective. What is distracting her and enabling poor decisions? Is it a substance abuse issue or addiction? Is it some kind of mental health issue of depression? All of that needs to be looked at. That should be the next step — maybe outpatient treatment or therapy or maybe medication if it helps.