Kim Kardashian Gives Sneak Peek to 'Jam (Turn it Up)' Video


Kim Kardashian's song has finally been released now it's time to tease the next step -- the song's video!

After months of waiting Kim's first single "Jam (Turn it Up)," was released on KIIS FM Wednesday morning, and now the reality star turned fashion designer turned musician released some photos from the music video on her blog. Kim wrote:

I swear Hype Williams is the most creative guy I know! He is a genius! He came up with all of the different looks and wanted me to be experiment with looks that I had never tried before.
Love the bold red lips!

For more photos, check out Kim's blog, and let us know what you think of Kim's video look in the comments!



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  • Becky Campbell
    Becky Campbell

    First Kim don't let these people bother you. Stay Strong. Second this is to all the haters, get over your self already and grow up. Most of you all are just mad cause you ant beautiful or famous. So what she has been naked, and I know you all think I would never do some of the things she has but I am sure for the right price you all would do the same. You all are acting like high school children. Who cares what you all think. She made a name for herself what have you done. Exactly my point. If you don't like your own life do something about rather than bitch and complain about it and attack someone that has done something with their life.

  • yeahman

    jeesh calm down...what are you her personal bodyguard ???????

  • yeahman

    she is such a wanna be. bet she cant even sing. same thing happened to tyra banks... she was doing fine til she tried getting into singing and made a complete fool of get a life!!!!!

  • leroy backer
    leroy backer

    you are a beautiful sexxy babe. i would love to cuddle up to you

  • pebblebeach

    love me some kimmy

  • Debi

    Even with extreme auto-tune, this song is horrible. She is pretty, and should focus on the fashion photography.

  • BABY

    I think that u people envy her cause she's got everything and u don't.I wish u the best of luck,to u and your sisters.

  • bilisciousa


  • twinklemepink06

    I feel like she's usually so pretty, but in this shot... too much makeup makes her look semi-trashy and her lower body is tanner than the rest. Awful picture when I saw it on twitter and it's still awful. Sad thing is I'm a KIM FAN!

  • Ruby

    this is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, not gay just have not sexual crush on her!!

  • Rach

    I'm just sad to ready recently that her mother seems to encourage her daughters to use themselves to make money.

  • ahmed zia
    ahmed zia

    she changes her boyfriends as we changes our clothes thats what she does besides getting naked...lolz

  • lee

    yea shes looks good-n-all but she aint no megan fox lol

  • Ann

    Kim is a drop dead gorgeous woman, she has a wonderful family and does not need to expose it to flaunt it! Keep it classy Kim, please. Love you girl!

  • kimberly perry
    kimberly perry

    this song is awful...why would you prentend that you could sing? just another way to keep your face in a spotlight? sad

  • kimberly perry
    kimberly perry

    damn Kim, if u care so much about people taking you seriously stop being half naked all the time girl....otherwise you just set yourself up to look trashy, its not like you have any real talent so i get it...but just stick to ur reality show shit

  • Sarah Jane Warner
    Sarah Jane Warner

    She sounds so auto tuned, and she has no emotion while singing the song. I personally think she should continue to do whatever she does.. Does anyone know what she does besides get naked?

  • GodFather

    why you guys are saying this and that about Kim, if you don't like her then why you following her, just shut the f**k up and leave, you guys are just punch of a$$holes that hates on her, grow the f**k up

  • Suga

    She is a big whiner...and is always naked somewere it does get old hearing her talk about being naked...U would think she would stop doing it...on

  • Guest

    Like Prince said, "Get off the stage (PIG)!!!!

  • paerki

    All I see is a plastic ho.

  • Kitch

    So what, she goes naked all the time then whines someone shot her naked without her permission..her 15 minutes are OVER

  • Eduardo H
    Eduardo H

    offff que tronco de mujer ya lleva dos años enloqueciendome con tanta belleza... Kim Kardashian = perfeccción!!

  • aleessi77

    wow .. kim better everyday:) and more beautiful;) I wish you luck .. kisses

  • hottieville

    She's amazing! cant wait to see the video!