Megan Fox Strips Down for Armani Ad (VIDEO)

Megan Fox Armani Ads
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We're sure you've seen Megan Fox's print Armani ads, but now you get to see the bombshell do her thing video-style.

In the ads, Megan shows off her many tattoos in a number of different scantily-clad outfits, such as a pair of jeans and nothing else. Things also get art-sy as the 24-year-old displays her rocking bod underneath a sheer, wind-blown piece of fabric.

Not only is Megan busy with Armani ads, but she is currently hard at work filming the upcoming movie Friends With Kids along with Jon Hamm.

What are your thoughts on Megan's Armani ads? Too sexy? Or just sexy enough? Hit the comments and let us know!



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  • Tom

    I don't know but parts of this commercial remind me of an eating disorder add. That's what it makes me think about not sexy lingerie. Girl needs to put some weight on and stop messing with her face.

  • George

    She looks like she's vanishing into thin air. All the plastic surgery and weight loss was not a good move. I bet Armani wants her to be that skinny though.

  • femroc

    She's too thin, ad's too long, she's got too many tattoos......but it was very sexy and she's beautiful. Could have gotten the point in 10 seconds, however.

  • _-A)3z-_

    She needs to come with me to a buffet.

  • carolhotpink

    Oh Gosh, really SEXY! She is gorgeous!

  • Tarzanneng

    Fair for her sexy in this ad.

  • Edward Cahill
    Edward Cahill

    oh yeah, i love this. it's a nice tattoos on Megan fox

  • Alyssa

    I personally like the jeans and nothing else look, but i agree she is looking a little to slim. but honestly i think the over all is sexy very vampy if you ask me. btw long commercial lol

  • brooke82

    This was just odd,what wasit advertising? Her tattoos?

  • Eas

    i don't usually say anything about skinnyness but this is like something straight out of a thinspiration video.. the way she curves her back and pulls her stomach in is just f ing sick.

  • dafish11

    she doesnt look the same as she used to be needs a tan :) needs a little more weight and then shell look like how she used to :)

  • SiouxFalls

    She is so skinny,, makes me hungry just watching this!

  • noah

    Slow motion underwear commercial with drug-like house music? Someones been reading my dream diary.