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Move over Charlie SheenAlex Pettyfer is reportedly on his way to becoming Hollywood's newest bad boy.

According to Us Weekly, Alex, 20, was banned from an Oscars pre-party because his ex-girlfriend, Dianna Agron, would be at the event and the actor's reps were worried that his previously bad behavior would flare up again.

"His agents told him not to go to the February 26 Night Before party," a source told Us, adding that Pettyfer's agents may fire him because his bad boy behavior has "become a liability."

Alex was allegedly spotted flying into a violent rage at a West Hollywood club on February 18 over his Glee ex. Insiders have previously said that Dianna was afraid of Alex after they broke up in February.

People magazine recently reported that the I Am Number Four star is gaining a reputation around Hollywood for his "bad temper." Insiders told the magazine that Alex is "talented, but he's immature and opinionated" and some producers have branded him as "ambitious and cocky."

Insiders also tell People that Alex prefers to be alone and is "not good around big groups of people."

When Celebuzz interviewed Alex's I Am Number Four co-star Callan McAuliffe back in February, he had nothing but nice things to say about Alex. "You couldn't ask for better people," Callan told Celebuzz, adding that he and the rest of the cast would sometimes goof around together in between takes.

The British actor recently had a bout of bad luck when his Beverly Hills home caught on fire while he was attending the Beastly premiere in Los Angeles. The small electrical fire did some damage to the star's detached garage but there were no reported injuries.

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  • H. K.
    H. K.

    H. K. Alex is just 21 years old! My guess is he already regrets his hormonaly driven rants. There’s too little evidence to suggest he has anger managment issues … My impression of Alex is that he’s quite intelligent, refreshingly candid, possibly even wise beyond his years. He’s that rare guy in Hollywood you might enjoy shooting the breeze with ..

  • clare

    Amen! i love him so stop talking s*** about him! he is an awesome person.

  • Michell Taylor
    Michell Taylor

    I have not seen Beastly yet but i loved I am number four. I sincerely would like to see a sequel. I think Alex is a great actor (not just attractive) and he deserves cred. I think he needs some space. Yes, he came out of nowhere and blindsided a bunch of big-shots. I'm not buying their jealous ploys to put him down. He's a modest guy who really loves acting. People are taking that as arrogance and are looking way too into his personal life. As for the whole Diana thing, who cares? They were (are) young and had a thing, it ended on bad terms and for Christ's sake leave it alone. The 'maybe he's a control freak' and 'he might be psycho' crap should stop. This is coming from the ex and her friends and when a relationship end on a bad note people say shit like that. It's nothing people should take seriously.


    Dont hate until you know.

  • emmy

    a wife beater in the making! Dude's insane, he needs anger management ASAP!

  • leah

    This sounds so fake.

  • whatever

    I agree, bad story, bad acting.

  • kaya

    load of crap