Taylor Momsen Takes a Strapping Goth Stroll in New York City (PHOTOS)

Taylor Momsen has made her penchant for patent leather, stockings and bondage-wear very apparent, but she may have outdone herself with this get-up.The Pretty Reckless singer was spotted strolling around New York City on Wednesday in a pretty interesting outfit.  The Gossip Girl vixen rocked knee-high boots that were more dominatrix than urban footwear and seemingly nothing  but undies hiding under that over-sized tee shirt and leather jacket. Black sunglasses and a choker necklace put the finishing touches on T-Moms' Wednesday look.

Check out Taylor's look in our gallery.



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  • Michelle Human
    Michelle Human

    Screw you! She is individual, talented and awesome!! She will kick your lame ass any day

  • Wess


  • Iamahappywoman

    Feed it! it's sickly thin! People should be ashamed of making such underweight teens celebrities. Why not morbidly obese ones too? I could never watch a television show with such a person being portrayed as anything other than sickly thin needing medical attention (such as a severe anorexic. Which is what she may be.) Might have been an ok outfit if it had black shorts. This just makes her look cheap.

  • Annette

    I like it. She has a really strong personality.So she tries to explain it by her clothes

  • bridgett

    her sandals are is so ugly i feel like shes just being lady gaga so pathetic!!!!!!burn

  • tom

    wow you are an idiot if you think that only americans are like that

  • owliegrowlie

    She forgot pants, and at least a year's worth of breakfast. Or so it seems.

  • carrion

    what a pig, perfect face for amerika