Britney Spears Has Topless 'Femme' Talk With 'V' (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears looks amazing with a capital "A" in a new cover story and photo shoot for V magazine, as the singer opens up about what to expect from her new album Femme Fatale, what she's learned from her struggles and also, that she's got a special recipe for sweet tea that'll knock you on your socks. Oh, and yes, she's topless (but covered) in one of the photos snapped by famed photog Mario Testino.

Britney, who will be releasing the new album this month, says a Femme Fatale is "a woman who is sexy and strong, dangerous and mysterious, cool and confident." As for the actual contents of the album, there's an air of confidence from Spears the world hasn't seen in quite some time: "It’s the best album I have ever made. There’s nothing to say. I’ll let the music speak for me," Britney told V.

Music aside, Britney also talks about her personal life and what some people might not know about her.

"I love to cook, especially for my boys. I also make a mean southern sweet tea from a recipe my mom passed on to me. It’s really good. I love it. I make it for my boys all the time."
Asked what her legacy might be when it's all said and done, Britney modestly says: "Two amazing boys and a lot of music that hopefully brings a lot of people a lot of happiness."

Femme Fatale will be available on March 29. Meantime, check out the video for Brit's first single "Hold It Against Me" and see the entire interview and photo spread at!



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  • Tom

    Topless....right. And underneath all these clothes, I'm naked

  • alschrod

    Britney has ALWAYS been beautiful with very little cosmetic "help". Now if only she would stop prancing around a stage with some toy-boys and show us she can stand still and actually SING a song--we won't know if she CAN unless she tries!

  • Corina

    As of 90's kid I have always loved her! She looks AMAZING in these photos and good for her for getting her life on track.

  • The Critical Crassness
    The Critical Crassness

    If her replies to the questions weren't highly edited for content, Britney finally sounds like she is coherent and thinking in a very intelligent manner. Her response to the question about her legacy is a very interesting and un-diva like response. Hopefully, this is the first view a new , more positive life phase for Brittany and her boys. Everyone deserves to be happy once in awhile, except maybe Libya's Khadaffi and the rest of the world's despotic leaders.