Charlie Sheen: Guinness World Record Breaker & ‘Hangover 2′ Star?

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It’s probably been about 20 minutes since that last you’ve heard of Charlie Sheen, but fear not as we’re here to give you your hourly update!

According to Entertainment Weekly (via Mashable) Charlie’s infamous Twitter account is the fastest account to reach 1 million followers, with the actor doing so less than 24 hours from signing up. Maybe it has something to do with the tiger blood?

Also happening in Sheen’s World: a possible Hangover 2 cameo?

Yep, even though filming has already wrapped on the project, people are saying that director Tod Phillips is courting the bad boy for a role.

Call us crazy, but that sounds kind of genius.

Speaking of genius: Jimmy Fallon’s take on Sheen with a cologne parody on his Late Night show. Check out the video below:

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