Kim Kardashian is Seeing Red for 'Jam' Video

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Kim Kardashian is feeling generous these days!

Not only will the proceeds of her single "(Jam) Turn it Up" be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, but she's given another sneak peek at the music video!

Rocking some red tips and fiercely long nails, Kim posted on her blog:

This is one of the other fun looks I tried out for my music video. It’s definitely a different look from anything I’ve tried before! How amazing are those nails!?
If any one can pull that off, it's Kim!

Take a listen to the song below, if you haven't already:

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  • NancyF

    When is this aging divorcee going to acknowledge her Armenian/Scottish roots and stop playing the hip black chick??!! You're not, and you're insulting all black women with your pathetic role playing. No one's buying it -- except those pathetic little tweeners who buy all your crappy products!! Hey, parents, how might checking out what your little girls are following on Twitter and buying with your hard-earned bucks! Go back to the Valley Girl...

  • Guest

    Looks like crap; sounds like crap. She's waaaaay too old and waaaaaay too talentless to even consider "singing," or should I say talking in that hideous, little girl voice which brings it ALL down!!

  • bilisciousa

    I Like it , bcus its super fun!! Great beat u can move to and Kim looks dayum fine I might add!!

  • mimi

    it's sad that she's giving proceeds to charity because no one will buy that horrible song. i feel bad that st. jude is getting false hope. she should give them something worthwhile, like proceeds from her tv shows.

  • sona

    ok so i'm a fan of her but that's just horrible, or what's the word? Vulgar, no vulgar's too vulgar, let's just say it's ugly