Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up About 'Beautiful Experience' of Breast Feeding


Kourtney Kardashian has closed a chapter in her young son's life, and is opening up about the bittersweet time on her blog.

At nearly 15-months-old, Kourtney has made the decision to stop breast feeding her son Mason. Kourtney doesn't hold anything back when she talks about the emotional time in her life:

My love affair with breast feeding has come to a sad end. When I was pregnant with Mason I said I would try breast feeding but not beat myself up it didn't work out or wasn't for me. When my angel was born and my breasts filled up with milk, we got to work and I was nursing almost every hour at times. I loved it and so did he. Trust me, in the beginning there were those times when it did hurt very badly until I got used to it, and then it was very easy for us.
We know it's sad, but it's a part of life! Mason sure is growing up fast isn't he?

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  • noah

    Congrats Henry... you win the "creepiest comment of the day" award.

  • Hawk

    Oh shut up, Kourtney.

  • Linda

    Hooray you!! I agree 100% with you!! I tried breastfeeling - it was not for me. I have two very healthy children who are very very close to me. Its not the breastfeeding that brings a child closer to its mother its the love that she provides everyday of thier lives. Shame on the people who try to make women feel guitly for not breastfeeding - its a choice that each mother makes - like it or not. I know one woman who hates it but is doing it because she doesnt want to spend money on formula.....do you think this is benefiting the child? The mother hates it!!!!!!!

  • Skye

    Daphne- NEVER EVER feel bad about not breastfeeding. I have 3 boys now grown that I bottle fed by CHOICE. I also had 3 c-sections. I was/am no less a mother than another who pushed hers out and nursed. I did everything with my boys and was there for them throughout the years. Anyone who tries to make you feel less a mother than her is either full of herself or insecure in herself. Besides, don't accept what any person says, don't let them make you feel bad. The most important thing you can do as a mother is love your baby. Believe in yourself and your maternal skills!

  • Daphne

    While breastfeeding is the number 1 choice. It should be noted that not all women are able to breastfeed for multiple reasons. I have 2 sons ages 4 and 6 and was unable to breastfeed due to medical issues that made it impossible. I was blessed to be able to have 2 babies, however I felt like I needed to carry my medical history with me because I was often questioned as to why I was bottle feeding my children formula. Incidentally, I am blessed because neither of my 2 children have ever been very ill. Niether one has ever had an ear infection and in fact neither went to a doctor except for regular check ups and vaccinations before my oldest was about 3 years old. It is wonderful for any woman who can breast feed, but please remember that those of us who cannot are not necessarily doing it by choice. I would have loved to do it. But was often made to feel I was not doing "what was best" for my baby. Then I would disclose why I could not only to get pity - not what I wanted either. So to everyone, if a woman says she cannot breastfeed respect that without question, It may be for a very good reason.

  • Andrea

    If your child had HPV, that's got nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with your choices before and during your pregnancy. As to the MRSA, again, nothing to do with breastfeeding. Your baby had to be exposed to this bacteria in order to develop the infection. The US Surgeon General has gone on the record stating that BILLIONS of healthcare dollars could be saved if mothers would breastfeed just 6 months.

  • davem

    w-t-f ,shes had enough experience passing them around!!

  • SukkinPhukk

    I want to breastfeed on Kourtney's luscious tits!

  • tamraann

    Mason is adorable and no matter what anyone has to say about Kourtney, she really seems to be a wonderful mother. I miss seeing Mason on K&KTNY. They show a crib in the bedroom in one of the scenes but I have not seen Mason on any of this shows episodes like I did on Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami.

  • tamraann

    I was going to write the same thing Kassie wrote regarding your comment - I completely agree with you!

  • yd

    And he already has more wealth and influence then you will ever have.

  • kassie

    well said Cheryl!

  • Cheryl Theriault
    Cheryl Theriault

    Janine were you unable to breastfeed or are you just plain mean? Kourtney is a college educated business woman and the only reason that you are able to read this article about her experiences is because she IS a celebrity. As a mother of six children i am so happy that she is speaking to a whole new generation of young women about the joys of motherhood and breastfeeding and doing it in style as well!

  • watdafuk

    And crosseyed too.

  • Janine Collette
    Janine Collette

    If she misses breastfeeding so much, then let her go back to it & stop trying to be a celebrity which she can never be because she has NO talent except to lay around w/ her no good boyfriend & procreate. Get real!!

  • wasabi

    Did you mean CMV or RSV perhaps? HPV is the human papillomavirus and is a sexually transmitted disease. It would be very unusual for a 2 month old to have it and it would have had to come from you during birth if she did and breastfeeding could not have prevented it. That said if your child had that many major illness in such a short time it sounds like she had a fragile immune system. One might wonder how many more infections she would have had if you hadn't breastfed. Regardless one example of a child who was sick despite breastfeeding does not prove that breastfeeding doesn't bolster children's immune systems. Studies have proven that.

  • dodger

    that sure is an ugly baby!

  • Melisa Paddock Pehl
    Melisa Paddock Pehl

    I agree Henry is a douche, but really. I have three kids. I nursed my youngest for a year, and she was by far the sickest child I have had. HPV at 2 months, H1N1 at 11 months, and 4 MRSA infections in as many months. I think breast is best, but its just not for everyone, and kids are not getting "sick" because their mothers choose not to. Moms need to come together to support one another, not tear down each others parenting choices.

  • lisa

    ...amazing to hear a celeb-esp. a kardashian-act so mature about breastfeeding. Coments like Henry's above are why breastfeeding rates in America are so low and why more kids get sick than have to. Go Kourtney!

  • Henry

    ill help her continue the joy..yummm!