Mogul, Model, Mom Kimora Lee Simmons Tells Celebuzz How She Does it All!

Kimora Shops in Shorts
Fabulosity personified!
Kimora Lee Simmons lives her life in the fab lane.  Whether she’s taking care of her three adorable kids or tackling new ventures, such as her KLS empire, she manages to do it with grace and style.

But exactly how does Kimora do it all? Celebuzz spoke with the fabulous Ms. Simmons and she dished on just how she stays so level-headed in the crazy industry she works in:

Why was it so important for you to relaunch and what does it mean to you? is sort of like the index for my life. It’s the place where I can categorize everything I’m doing and where I’m going, and it helps keep my audience up to speed.

You’ve always been a master of fresh and new beginnings. How do you guide yourself out of the old and into the new so gracefully?
I’ve been in the fashion business for over 20 years, and I feel like I have evolved. I have a family and I’m a working mom, so I think it’s very important that we at all times are graceful and maintain a sense of fabulosity. I think life is about the evolution and I try to focus on my family. I’m really great at multitasking and I’m always up for the challenge. I’m always looking to create new and exciting things.

How do you reflect your personality into your brands?
My brand is about women and children, and being that I’m a woman and a mom – a working mom – it’s about business, family life, and the lessons of life. I’m a designer, and I’m involved in fashion and entertainment – my husband [Djimon Hounsou] is in Hollywood – but what I speak to, what I create for, and what I live is the fact that I have three children and that I’m a woman, and I cater to an audience of young people that have grown up with me and equally have these demands in their lives. We want to look great and feel great, so I feel like my message to my audience is the life that I live – which is a busy woman, a working mother on the go.

You have a good head on your shoulders and your daughters are blossoming into really lovely young girls. How do you balance it all and keep everything in check?
It’s about multitasking and prioritizing. My family comes first, and I try to be very involved in my kids’ lives. I’m watching the social media and what they’re exposed to, and am engaging them in conversation and activities. I think it’s so great to encourage young minds and their creativity and development.

How has Twitter helped you connect with your fans?
I’m kind of addicted to Twitter. I started an account last year but use it more now. It helps me be directly involved and interact with people from everywhere through quick, short messages. I think it’s important because people like the one-on-one accessibility. I like the immediacy of it. I can upload things to and tell them to take a look right away. I’m a multi-tasker, so it helps me do a lot of things at once.

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