'Twilight' Wolf Pack Swarms Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Wolf Pack!
Twilight Cast in Vancouver

Between the hottness of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lauter, some may forget that there are other actors in the Twilight movies!

The whole Twilight crew will be hunkered down in Vancouver spending the next couple months filming the final installment, Breaking Dawn and while spending two months in wintery Canada could seem hard for some, these actors have each other to keep them company.The paps spotted some of the cast spending some quality time together out and about in Vancouver on Wednesday. Some of the crew that was seen? Jacob's werewolf buds, Alex Meraz and Bronson Pelletier along with Jacob Black's own pop, actor Gil Birmingham.

Take a look at the all the photos and for even more Twilight goodness, check out Celebuzz's Top 10 Shirtless Twilight Stars!



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  • sydsouth

    * If I ever saw them walking down the street I'd probably just stare in shock with my eyes popping out of my head...but you know me, after i'd FREAK! I want Meraz, and Kiowa.*

  • celebluver101

    haha! Totally right!

  • Diddly Bop
    Diddly Bop

    So weird seeing Gil not in a wheelvhair.

  • Lelle Chli
    Lelle Chli

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