'American Idol' Season 10 Finalists Announced - Spoiler Alert!


The final 13 contestant for the tenth season of American Idol have finally been announced!

On Thursday night, 24 singers were slimmed down to the top 13 during the first live results show for the new season of the hit FOX show. Viewers chose their top 10 finalists and then judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson selected their three "wild" saves, bringing the final total to 13.

Want to know who are the new contestants on American Idol? Check out the full list after the jump.

Scotty McCreery: 17-year-old cutie from Garner, North Carolina. Scotty's influences include Johnny Cash and Elvis.

Ashton Jones: 24-year-old Nashville native whose musical influences include Whitney Houston and The Clark Sisters.

Stefano Langone: A native of Kent, Washington, this 21-year-old's main musical influence is Stevie Wonder.

Naima Adedapo: This stylish 26-year-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin says that her mother, Adekola Adedap, is her main musical influence (aww!).

Jacob Lusk: 23-year-old baby-faced sweetheart from Compton, California credits his dad as his musical influence (double aww!).

Casey Abrams: Hailing from Idylwild, California, this 20-year-old jazz bass player credits Frank Sinatra as one of his influences.

Paul McDonald: 26-year-old native of Huntsville, Alabama who says he is influenced by everything from Rap to Country music.

James Durbin: Rocker alert! This 22-year-old from Santa Cruz, California says that Idol judge Steven Tyler is one of his main influences. Hopefully that gets him some sympathy from Steven!

Lauren Alaina: This 16-year-old beauty from Rossville, Georgia credits Carrie Underwood as one of her main influences.

Pia Toscano: This Queens-born 22-year-old beauty lists Mariah Carey as one of her musical influences.

Karen Rodriguez: This 21-year-old New Yorker credits Selena and Beyonce as her top musical influences.

Thia Megia: 16-year-old beauty from Mountain House, California mysteriously says that "most artists [she] listens to" are her influences.

Haley Reinhart: This 20-year-old sweetheart from Chicago claims she is influences by pop, funk and classic rock.

What do you think of this new crop of Idol finalists? Check out Celebuzz's top picks for the Idol women and men and share your own thoughts in the comments.



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  • Sue Greer
    Sue Greer

    It seems like American Idol voters can never get it right! Only a select few times, like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, etc. but this year goes beyond wrong...it is infuriatingly laughable. Cowboy should have been gone weeks ago, and then to have JAMES go before even the top 3??????? It should have been a JAMES - LAUREN standoff...both have the whole package. James, this was a true travesty!

  • cocojambo

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  • The Critical Crassness
    The Critical Crassness

    Change the format for voting, change the judges, change the selection process for the finalist, it won't matter. This show sucks, has only produced two winners that are truly successful and hasn't had a decent showing in the past 5 years. At least with Paula's craziness and Simon's acerbic attitude, the show was somewhat interesting. Cancel this show now before another talent search hoax can be perpetrated in the television viewing audience.


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