Because He's Hot: Cory Monteith's Starbucks Run (PHOTOS)

Cory Monteith Goes to Starbucks
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It's almost the weekend and Cory Monteith is kicking his off with a little caffeine run at Starbucks.

The Glee star picked up some coffee on Friday afternoon and was his usual adorable self, wearing a leather jacket, hoodie and some sweet shades.

If that's not enough Cory for you, he's been on a hilarious Twitter rampage, "fighting" with co-stars and posting ridiculous photos. Check them out by following him on Twitter, (@frankenteen) and while you're at it, don't forget to follow @CELEBUZZ, too!



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  • Lara

    oh ... he´s so sweet canadian guy :-)

  • Pei Gilbert
    Pei Gilbert

    Ahh MORE photos of Cory, please! He's so hot and cute!

  • sarah

    oh my gosh, he is so incredibly attractive it's not even funny