Box Office Battle: ‘Beastly’ vs. ‘Take Me Home Tonight’!

Beastly Boy
Alex Pettyfer at his big premiere.
As the weekend slowly approaches, Celebuzz understands the difficulties of picking the perfect film to make your weekend.  This weekend, Beastly and Take Me Home Tonight open in the box office, with both battling for the same demographic, despite their different genres.  Which one will you go see?  Maybe this will help:

The fantasy film Beastly is a modern twist on the tale Beauty and the Beast. It co-stars up and coming star (and rumored bad boy) Alex Pettyfer and High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens.  The teen romance about finding true beauty is sure to be a great choice for any date night.

Check out the trailer for Beastly!

Want to have a good laugh this weekend? Take Me Home Tonight is a romantic comedy starring  Topher Grace, Anna Farris, and Dan Fogler.  The film is a blast from the past homage to the 1980’s where a group of friends celebrate their last moments of their youth.

Check out the trailer for Take Me Home Tonight!

Which will you see?