Box Office Battle: 'Beastly' vs. 'Take Me Home Tonight'!

Beastly vs. Take Me Home Tonight
'Beastly' Trailer
Alex Pettyfer gets ugly for Vanessa Hudgens. Watch »
'Take Me Home' Trailer
Watch the hysterical '80s comedy clip. Watch »

As the weekend slowly approaches, Celebuzz understands the difficulties of picking the perfect film to make your weekend.  This weekend, Beastly and Take Me Home Tonight open in the box office, with both battling for the same demographic, despite their different genres.  Which one will you go see?  Maybe this will help:

The fantasy film Beastly is a modern twist on the tale Beauty and the Beast. It co-stars up and coming star (and rumored bad boy) Alex Pettyfer and High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens.  The teen romance about finding true beauty is sure to be a great choice for any date night.

Check out the trailer for Beastly!

Want to have a good laugh this weekend? Take Me Home Tonight is a romantic comedy starring  Topher Grace, Anna Farris, and Dan Fogler.  The film is a blast from the past homage to the 1980's where a group of friends celebrate their last moments of their youth.

Check out the trailer for Take Me Home Tonight!

Which will you see?



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  • paula b
    paula b

    beastly!!!!!! yes yes yes

  • paula


  • Jasmin

    Nobody heard about "Take me home tonight" until Zac Efron made a public ass of himself with miss media ho TP to try and bring some attention to the movie. Well I guess everyone knows who she is now. Still a nobody and Zac looks like a total insensitive, man ho dip s**t. His half way decent image just took a major nose dive.

  • em

    funny you chose the 2 films that are definetely gonna flop! LOL!

  • Laura

    It's pretty clear Rango's going to tear the competition apart. Everybody can go see family movies and love them while the other movies have a limited audience unless they're crazy good.

  • Josh

    How about Rango?

  • eriana

    beastly!!!!!!!! is the best movie!!!!!

  • stupidmovie

    They both suck but take me home tonight looks so stupid. OH so it's yet ANOTHER movie where theres a party and everyone has sex and gets drunk and does drugs. Wow isnt that new and refreshing. and to make it different now there setting it i the 80s. Oh wow that looks so good. It looks horrible. And I like topher grace. I just think this movie looks so stupid and boring. LIke it's nothing new. Theres a bunch of other movies about the same exact thing. It's like basically SUPERBAD but it the 80s.?? Looks stupid.

  • negro