Brittny Gastineau Goes Glam in Sexy Shoot (PHOTOS)

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By Brittny Gastineau: Yesterday I got to work with some of the most talented people I know for a fun photo shoot. The photographer, Josh Ryan had a vision of making me look sexy in high fashion and the genius makeup artist Joyce Bonelli did my makeup. Joyce is the makeup artist for the Kardashians... so you know she has got looking GLAM down. My new favorite stylist Isabelle Banham brought out some ammmmmazing outfits.

I also got to shoot my new line of jewelry, Gastineau Glamour, that I worked on with my mom, Lisa Gastineau It will be sold on HSN, so everyone must tune in on March 21 when we’ll be premiering it together live on air! I’m so excited... seven years in the making. Work hard and it pays off! :)



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