David Arquette ‘Fine’ After Head-On Car Crash

David Arquette TwitPics
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David Arquette has been involved in a head-on car crash in West Hollywood, and while TMZ reports that the actor was on the ground bleeding, Arquette’s publicist tells Celebuzz the actor is “fine and on his way to be treated.”

In photos posted on TMZ, Arquette is seen laying on the grass just feet away from the accident. Arquette reportedly swerved into oncoming traffic in his silver Cadillac to avoid hitting a car that stopped short, hitting a black SUV head-on. The passenger-side airbag in the other car is seen deployed, and Arquette’s hood is totally folded in.

Arquette has made headlines for his erratic behavior over the last few months following his split from wife Courteney Cox, which eventually led to him entering rehab.

In late February appeared on Oprah to talk about his struggles with addiction. He told Oprah he “got really into drugs before I got serious with Courteney. It was something that scared her early on in our relationship. My mother was dying and … I used that to numb the feelings.” Watch a clip below: