High-Heeled Vanessas: Who Wore Them Better?

Guess Whose Red Shoes?
Guess on some smoking-hot red-heeled gals!
This week, high heels seemed to be all the rage for a few young Hollywood ladies, whether they were in sunny California or on the chilly pavement of New York City.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa Hudgens showed off some fabulous heels as she made her way into the Ed Sullivan Theater to film The Late Show With David Letterman. The heels and the fishnets were a killer combo! Then, just a few days later, Vanessa Minnillo was caught crossing a California street rocking some serious high-heeled black boots that were anything but pedestrian.

So, now the question is: Which Vanessa wore the heels better? Hudgens and her cream-colored skyscrapers, or Minnillo’s big black stompers? The debate is ON over at our Facebook page!