Jennifer Lopez's American Idol Outfit: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Yay or Nay?
Jennifer Lopez's American Idol Outfit: Yay or Nay?
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Jennifer Lopez was in a skin-baring mood on Thursday night when she announced the finalists for the tenth season of American Idol and went on a whirlwind of appearances to promote the show.

JLo wore high-waisted black trouser shorts with a cropped white blouse that showed off her incredibly toned tummy. Jennifer paired the fluffy white blouse with a black and white cropped jacket with puffy sleeves. While the look showed plenty of Jennifer's amazing body, it may have been too much fluff and skimpiness for the red carpet.

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  • tatts09

    a fashion trend nobody should follow.

  • Leelou

    She's a pretty woman and has a great body but that outfit is way too young for her. Looks like something a 18 year old would wear. Its also way too much going on. I am all for old reliable school girl look but this doesnt even look like that. I hate to say this but there ARE outfits that are only made for younger woman and this is one of them. She can still be sexy and show skin with out looking like a woman trying to hard to look young.

  • SarahJo

    She is funny, smart, can sing, act, is real, and looks beautiful no matter what age. She has a great career, marriage and is a mom. Everybody who doesnt like her is a hater and jealous. You go Jennifer. Her and Steven are doing excellent on Idol. The number are up and the show is as great as ever. Keep up the great work. I love the new song and video too!

  • mary

    yes shes gorgeous and the body is bangin- but shes too old for this look- on leighton meister or blake lively, they are in their 20's- but jlo is in her 40's and a mom w/ two kids! be sexy - but not silly. I hate when moms dress too overtly as if to prove they can be sexy too. there no denying shes hot

  • Michelle

    She should dress her age.. And remember she is a Mother now and not a Hooker...

  • calvin

    with a body like J-Lo's you can dress any way you want to and it stil looks good - I see nothing wrong with this outfit

  • George William Gockel
    George William Gockel

    Especially J.Lo needs to dress half-naked more often.

  • geoamp

    cant spell and cant talk we cant understand

  • lvldlvcvlfvc

    yuo get no style for money, if yuo got no style, yuo gan buy for money

  • mikecumbow

    She looks great and she gets better looking wiith age

  • kristin

    haha.. it still looks cute.

  • fran

    chick looks stupid, the jacket looks lumpy, uncomfortable. she is getting oldER, and maybe trying to prove she's still got "it", or at least she's still got something. I think it looks ridiculous, and desperate to hold on to a youthful sexiness, sophisticated sexy would be sooo much better...she has to stop feeling like she needs to prove something to someone, ppl will love her no matter what, so she can wear whatever she wants anyway, but she needs to stop trying so hard, it shows...

  • noah

    She wore that same outfit when she was a Fly Girl on "In Living Color".

  • marla123

    Are you saying it's too casual for work? She's not showing too much skin just legs and a little tummy -- the pants are too high to show the belly button. Now, showing the belly button would be tacky. But what do you expect from J Lo -- she's never been shy in the way she dresses. As long as i can't see her butt cheeks and boobs, it's fine.

  • chattykay

    Yuk......WAY tooooo More hobo than fashion.