Kristen Stewart & Julia Roberts: Dueling 'Snow White' Deals?

Snow White?
Kristen Stewart Snow White

Rumors of Kristen Stewart's involvement with an upcoming Snow White adaptation have been circulating for the last couple months, but could K-Stew finally be making it official?

According to Deadline, the 20-year-old actress is in final negotiations to take on the famous character alongside co-stars Charlize Theron and Viggo Mortensen.

This isn't the only upcoming film that is going to take on the fairest of them all:

K-Stew's reported Snow White adaptation will go up against a take on The Brother's Grimm version, which will star Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen.

If and or when the deal is finalized, Kristen would begin filming in August.

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  • SimsCrazy

    Classical beauty, i'd say she's got pretty eyes but she's nothing compared to Marilyn Monroe or Aubry Hepburn. Those are classical beauties, and they knew how to act. The only way she could be Oscar material in this movie, which you haven't seen so there fore how do you know she'll get one in this movie, is if she somohow pulled the acting prowess of natalie portman out of her @ss. I've seen the Messengers, it wasn't anything special. She can play an angry angsty teen very well, but that's it. how is she going to be able to play fairest of all? And by the way i think it's hilarious how you sound like you know Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson on a personal level. Did you know that in an interview he said that he didn't know how to act? she can be as real as she wants but as acting goes i don't think she's got it. maybe in a few years she will but i won't say she's getting better until i see it.

  • SimsCrazy

    Honestly i never liked her in twilight, it took several directors to get the movies to actually be half way decent and i agree with Julia and Simon-Simon when they said she can't act or acts the same in all the movies. She type casts herself more than anything. It would be amazing if we had a dark snow white, because it was esentually a dark tale that disney made to look a little nicer in film instead of on paper. I think that it would be better if Tim Burton directed and cast the film. You'd probably get a better turn out. At least julia roberts, Viggo Mortensen, and Charlize Theron are in these movies. maybe they'll save the movie. I don't know if i could take another, "I'm a moody teen that doesn't show my emotions and i use the same facial features to display happy and sad" kind of movie. I'm sorry but she can't act. i know a LOT of people that could take her place and get an Oscar out of it better than she could attempt. I will admit that she has lovely eyes and if she did her make up a certain way she would look gorgeuous but she just looks normal... nothing too extravagent about her.

  • Steff17

    kristen is an amazing actress!! she is going to be amazing!!

  • TRH36

    I agree, Carrie. I also can't stand all the haters. GET A LIFE!!! Kristen is better than all of you. You are just JEALOUS! Kristen has that Classical Beauty about her,no matter if she is done up or not she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Robert thinks so too!!!! She is extremely talented, honest and real person., and the Snow White she will be portraying is not the "SING-A-Long kind" It is going to be dark and twisted.,it's going to be GREAT with Kristen as the lead. Kristen is going to make a KICK ASS SNOW WHITE and I can't wait to see it. She will be awesome and epic in this movie. DEF!!!!! OSCAR worthy. It won't be geared for little girls with bubble gum and pigtails either......I can't wait. LOVE U KRISTEN!!!! STAY THE SAME NEVER CHANGE!!!!! WE LOVE JUST AS YOU ARE!!!! XOXO

  • Simon-Simon

    So what? She was the same in every movie! Oscar? Oh God! Thanks nijah, you makes me laugh tonight! :)

  • nijah

    Because everyone knows her for that movie, but they forget that she's been acting since she was 9. Watch Panic Room or the Messengers, she's really awesome in those movies. Trust me, she will get an Oscar someday :)

  • Simon-Simon

    100% agree. At least you are nice but that girl... I don't think so. xoxo

  • Simon-Simon

    I think she is ugly.

  • Julia

    I've been told i look like kristen stewart, and even i think shes unattractive and untalented- she got lucky with twilight. Why do you think she has only been nominated for teen and kids choice awards? Nothing serious, like for talented people.

  • edwardbella2

    she is perfect

  • Colleen

    She's beautiful. Her teeth protrude ever so slightly, making her lips even more shapely. She has a great smile which she displays more often than people think. Gorgeous eyes, perfect nose. Beauty is subjective, so some people might think she's simply pretty or maybe even plain, but ugly? I don't think so.

  • Noly

    You are so funny, stupid Twihards!

  • argleblargle

    If the movie mainly focuses on the part where Snow White is dead/sleeping, Kristen will be excellent.

  • Here

    Her rabbit teeth: so lovely and sexy. Her chin and jaw: Kristen just has the perfect face bone structure. Her big ears: mean she is a girl with lots of luck in her life. A girl with good destin. And her nose: she has the most beautiful small and symetric nose. She is so natural and amazing just the way she is. You ugly bitter haters...

  • Chris

    Kristen is beautiful and will make the most extraordinary kick *ss Snow White ever! Can't wait to see it.

  • Doreen Jumadla
    Doreen Jumadla

    : ) .. I'd love to see that! stew! : )

  • Noname

    Nice joke. Beautiful? Boyish figure, protruding chin, something wrong with the lower jam, rabbit teeth, big ears, prominent nose, etc. She just has got annoying face. It's not beautiful or even attractive.

  • momodoo

    No.. she is beautiful and would be perfect as Snow White

  • Soleil

    Yes: she is ugly and untalented.

  • rose

    kristen is beautiful...she is not ugly

  • dafish11

    uhh i dont think kristen can play an up beat super perky sing along person.... i just dont see her as that... the entire cast just kinda sucks

  • Here

    Kristen will be fantastic! She is my favorite actress. I book the tickets for all my family for Swath in dec.2012!

  • Noly

    I don;t think so that Stewart could be the good Snow White, She can't act and... she is just ugly. I'm sorry but it's true.

  • aya

    what the F is going on with 2 snow white movies ?! i don't fucking get it Charlize and vigo and kristen! no wonder why she agreed to the part that f-ingtastic!!


    julia roberts is too perky to be the evil queen. Charlize and Kristen are a way better tag team!