Screaming Justin Bieber Fans Deafen London Crowd (PHOTOS)

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On his quest for world domination, Justin Bieber has flown overseas to perform for his devoted, high-pitched fans on the European leg of his Never Say Never tour.

Decked out in his usual hooded fit, he added some purple shades to compliment the newly 17-year old's recently chopped locks.

In a surprise twist, Justin wasn't the only one hitting the London stage on Friday night!

Diva-extraordinaire Willow Smith (who was rocking some new braids) opened for the Biebs and posted on her Twitter:

Backstage before our first show...and the show went GREAT!!! Thank you, Birmingham (:
Congrats to the little Warriorette!

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    well susie if your still knoking around i think this is the link and details, they have a deal on at the mo ,say I put you on

  • chend92

    purple color of Gay symbols!!

  • Rosa

    it was yesterday

  • Deborah Landsman
    Deborah Landsman

    Espero que engorde un poquito , no quiero verlo así ♥ y espero que no esté sufriendo stress :S

  • Deborah Landsman
    Deborah Landsman

    Esta MUY flaco en las fotos

  • Alexis

    is this like recently like in march o febuary or when was it