Selena Gomez Debuts 'Who Says' Cover Art (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez 'Who Says' Single Cover
'Lay Low,' Selena
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez
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Who says Selena Gomez isn't the prettiest pop star on the planet?

The "Year Without Rain" beauty (and girlfriend of pop sensation Justin Bieber) debuted the cover art for her upcoming single, "Who Says." On the cover, Selena, 18, looks seductively at the camera while twirling a lock of her brunette hair between two of her fingers.

"Who Says" will premiere on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM on Tuesday, March 8. The Wizards of Waverly Place star recently gave fans a sneak peek at the "Who Says" music video on Twitter. Click here to watch the video.

It's been awhile since Selena has debuted a new single and music video – her last music video for "A Year Without Rain" premiered over six months ago!To be fair, Selena has been pretty busy filming movies (the upcoming Monte Carlo with Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith) and engaging in a relationship with Bieber.

Watch "A Year Without Rain" below.

Can't get enough of the beautiful Selena? Stay up-to-date on the latest Selena news and photos at her Celebuzz fan page.



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  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    Miley Cyrus round 40 Artist sings a Songtitle with the name "Who said" Selena Gomez round 30 Artist sings a Songtitle with the name "Who says" Source: itunes

  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    Which “advantages” has Selena Gomez ... Anytime and everyone can she therefore publicly hate, harass, defame, bully, threaten their lives and criticize because YOU did not like her hair, weight, makeup, clothes, shoes, skin, age, height, appearance, head, eyes, nose, ears, lips, legs, butt, voice, eating, drinking, driving, kissing … friends, life … 1000 other reasons and published fake nude pictures, that her family and friends can see!

  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    She is a singer who needs more volume. (The problem Selena Gomez knows himself) But she puts the emphasis on the quality of their songs (lyrics, rhythm and sound). She sings because … music is fun … so she also has several cover songs and share this fun with their fans and that’s what counts alone. None of you will be forced to visit one of their concerts. Who allows us to criticize music? Music is in the feel of the individual and represents a means Feelings to express more directly and more deeply than words could. Music is the rhythmic order of noise, sound and tone. Metal or Punk or Rocker or Classic music fan … everyone understands music other!

  • christiana

    Omg Selena is soo beautiful,But sorry Selena,you can't sing.But if singing is you're dream,ofcourse you should sing,but I think you should act,singing is nothing for you ): Let Miley,Demi and Taylor singing...... But don't think I don't like you,You're very beautiful and talentfull and sweet and cute,I love you very much,I know you're a great girl,before I hated You,but know,I changed my opinion,you're a perfect role model,even my mother says,she is very good,but don't think I hate Miley.............Because I'm Miley's biggest fan!

  • rubiconeyez

    don't think i like this cover photo at all!!! there's something wrong with it. its in her eyes and lips. she's gat this vague look and honestly, this is the worst iv'e seen selena. just saying...

  • ANNE

    omg.. who says.. isnt that the name of one of miley/hannah's songs?! haha.. ily selena and miley

  • Here

    Why can't she change her hair style? Can't she cut her hair. Seems she has only one look. Boring...

  • Michelle Tiffany Boca
    Michelle Tiffany Boca

    we luv u selena, dnt listen to the haterz.. u deserve a great guy like justin!