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Could Alex Pettyfer’s new bad boy rep be hurting his Hollywood career?  Experts tell Celebuzz that the young actor better watch his behavior because a negative rep won’t do him any favors in the long run.

“Alex needs to clean up his act, control his rage, and re-brand himself to be less of a ‘bad boy’ and more of a clean-cut upcoming Hollywood movie star,” explains Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert and the author of Me 2.0.

As for rumors that Alex was banned from a recent Oscars party because of his bad boy antics, Dan says that Alex needs to make sure he isn’t getting excluded from events where he could potentially network and further his career.

“There are enough bad boys in Hollywood and it’s important that he gets invited to celebrity parties because it’s good for his career,” says Dan. “You never want to isolate the people that can help you advance your career and further your brand.”

Monica Cost, a branding expert and celebrated columnist at EURWeb seconds the idea that Alex shouldn’t be getting banned from parties where he could meet Hollywood’s movers and shakers.

“If you’re not on the scene then you don’t engage with the people who support you and you’ll eventually fade away,” explains Monica. “If you choose this career path [in Hollywood] then there are certain things that you need to accept.” Hobnobbing at swanky parties being one of them.

While he may be gaining a bad rep now, there is still hope for Alex: He is currently the star of two major movies (I Am Number Four and Beastly, which opens this weekend) and his good looks are getting him more attention and fans. Monica believes that Alex would greatly benefit from some mentoring and having someone come into his life and tell him to straighten out his behavior.

“There are plenty of stars who acted crazy in the beginning of their careers and then had people come into their lives, straighten them out and help them get in line,” Monica explains. “If he never has a pivotal moment where he changes them his career could be hurt by a bad reputation.”

So how can Alex help re-brand himself? Monica explains that she wouldn’t want to take away “the edge” if it is natural but that she would want to make sure that he was always pleasant and kind to those who are around him.

“If he wants success I would make sure that he has pleasant experiences with fans from here on out,” explains Monica. This would mean being nice to servers at restaurants and always acting pleasant to fans who approach him at places like the airport. Luckily, there aren’t any negative stories out there of Alex being rude to regular folks so he has the potential to brand himself as the lovable bad boy.

The bottom line is that if Alex is willing to change some of his behaviors and soften up he can have a potentially long career in Hollywood.

“[Alex] could easily find another girlfriend, and find a part in a movie that softens up his image,” explains Dan. Hollywood would hate to lose a talent like Alex due to some nasty rumors!

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