Charlie Sheen Goes LIVE! Are You Ready for ‘Charlie’s Korner’?


Say you're home on this fine Saturday night, wishing there was something awesome to do. Look no further then Ustream, as Charlie Sheen is LIVE with "Charlie's Korner."

Check it out!

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  • Nikki Alenius Hanninen
    Nikki Alenius Hanninen

    wow i wish I had the balls to tell off people the way he does lol

  • Jennifer1

    Everyone is now going to know that I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night... LOL... but I really needed to get high on "SHEEN". Unfortunately.. totes disappointing, even boring at times and desperate. I watched as the Viewer Counter went from 94,000+ views and drop by 1k every few seconds. But who were the other people in the broadcast? Here's a homemade image to show how I have nothing better to do on a Sunday... [img][/img]

  • Mike

    A great failure. Sheen should be using this platform to discuss real issues, instead we get what sounds like a room full of bored teenage girls cackling about nothing. A waist of time. I will still tune in next time to see what direction he's going to take it, but I'll only give it 10 minutes next time.

  • noah

    Wow, this is terrible. I expected more from Charlie but it's kind of depressing. Bunch of nonsensical gibberish and an over abundance of references to WINNING. Low point: Charlie reading his own poetry. [img][/img]