Eyes Like Angelina Jolie: Brow Diva Beauty Tips

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We all know Angelina Jolie is a very serious humanitarian and there are problems in the world and stuff, but let's talk about something really important? Namely, her eyebrows!

Achieving the perfect Hollywood brow takes real skill. Deanna Netti-Cahill, owner of the Brow Diva, is sharing her best brow secrets to get movie star results at home. Crack your beauty books open, class is in session:

1. Let Them Grow

"The trick to getting the perfect shape is to start out with a full set of brows," Deanna says. "Growing out your brows is almost as hard as growing out your bangs, but there is also no need to look like Oscar the Grouch during this awkward phase." Deanna recommends using a clear gel to keep strays in place during this period.

2. Know your Shape

"Once you have achieved a full set of brows, you’re ready to tweeze... Carefully!" she warns. "After all, you’ve put a lot of work into growing out your brows. The trick to tweezing like a pro is knowing what shape works best for your face type. Not too thin, not too thick, with a clear beginning and an end."

3. Learn to Trim

"It isn’t as hard as you may think and when done correctly makes a world of difference," Deanna says. "To start, purchase a pair of high quality scissors. I find mustache scissors are the way to go."

4. Choose the Correct Color

"I have had clients come to me with the most amazing brows that are not being highlighted to their advantage because they are either not using any brow products at all, or they are picking the wrong shade," she says. "I strongly encourage my customers to stay away from pencils and stick with using a brow base and a brow powder.  When choosing the hue for you, simply choose a color that is an exact match to your eyebrow hair or a shade lighter, never go darker unless you're going for a Groucho look."



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  • Mark

    How is she a "seriouse humanitarian"? She goes there, snaps some posed pictures with her private photographer so she later on can sell them to tabloids and then goes sleeping in 5 star hotels. My aunt "worked" with her, she told me this. She's a joke among UN staff.