Taylor Swift & More Shows Us the Funny on the Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Darren Criss: LOL!
The 'Glee' star gets silly on the red carpet.
Rob in Vanity Fair
R-Pattz talks about K-Stew & more.
Most celebrities hit the red carpet so they can strike a fierce pose, but sometimes those flashing bulbs catch them in an unfavorable light, whether they like it or not!

While some would cringe at the thought of these photos being put on display, Celebuzz chooses to embrace them because it shows that even though they’re famous, they still don’t mind hamming it up and getting goofy for the cameras.

Who are some of the celebs with the funniest red carpet poses?

From Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to pop sensation Katy Perry, the cameras were bound to catch them goofing off sooner or later.

Take a look through the gallery and tell us which pose you think is the silliest by dropping us a line on Twitter or Facebook!