Miley Cyrus Does Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

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Everyone was wondering whether or not Miley Cyrus would do ‘The Miley Cyrus Show’ — the skit that mocks the teen starlet — during her time hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Not only did she do it … she did it as fellow teen star Justin Bieber.

Clad in Bieber’s signature purple hoodie, Vanessa Bayer introduced “Justin” as her guest, and the real Miley did a pretty spot-on impression of the Biebs. Lots of mugging, winking and swagger made for a good impression of little Justin, and there were even references to Bieber’s recent bird-flipping incident as well as Miley’s salvia-smoking video.

When the salvia was brought up, the real Miley (as Bieber) poked fun at the situation, saying “there’s no reason you wouldn’t … because it’s totally legal, yo.”

Miley addressed other headline-making incidents of hers in her monologue, turning her past woes into a song that poked fun at Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods, with the refrain “I’m sorry that I’m not perfect.” She sang:

“There’s a photo of me being kissed by a dude, and Annie Leibovitz tried to get me nude for those of you who think that’s very crude. I never stole a necklace or got a DUI, or cheated on my wife like that golfer guy. So what you can see a little boob from the side, I’m sorry but I’m not perfect.

Miley’s Lindsay jabs didn’t stop there. In the cold open of the show, she appeared as a cleavage-heavy Lohan for an interview by none other than Charlie Sheen. Naturally, Lindsay was “winning.” Check out Miley as Lindsay here: