10 TV Shows That Got In Touch With Their Musical Side (VIDEO)

Never thought you’d see the day when these medical dramas aired a musical episode? Well, anything is possible!

House and Grey’s Anatomy are both set to debut their musical episodes this month on March 7 and March 31 respectively. While we wait to watch our favorite doctors belt out their tunes, take a look back at clips from our favorite ten musical episodes so far.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: One More, With Feeling

Xena: The Bitter Suite

The Simpsons: A Fish Called Selma

Even Stevens: Influenza

Daria: Daria!

South Park: Chef Aid

How I Met Your Mother: Girls vs. Suits

Fringe: Brown Betty

That ‘70s Show: That 70s Musical

Scrubs: My Musical

Don’t worry, Glee fans. The show is still one of our favorites. We had a tough time picking our favorite episodes from these last two seasons, so we’re giving it honorable mention as a whole!

What are some of your favorite television musical episodes? Let us know in the comments below.



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