Avan Jogia Stands Up For Gay Men in New PSA (VIDEO)

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Just when you thought you couldn't love Victorious star Avan Jogia any more he goes ahead and films a pro-gay rights PSA for Straight But Not Narrow, an organization that urges straight men to support gay men.

The 19-year-old cutie has come out as a supporter for gay rights, telling fans in the PSA that "it is okay for men to like men" and that straight men should "man up" and stand up for their gay peers.

"It doesn't make you any less of a man or make you look like you are into men if you are friends with a man who likes men," Avan explains in the video. "Let's just get along, we are all in fact men."

According to Just Jared Jr., the Canadian actor approached Straight But Not Narrow to film a PSA for their cause. The organization is releasing a video every Friday of different young straight male stars coming out in support for gay men. Vanessa Hudgens' rumored new man, Josh Hutcherson is reportedly releasing the next video on Friday, March 11.

Avan isn't the only young star who has come out in support of gay rights – Avan's friend and alleged make out partner Miley Cyrus has repeatedly stated that she supports gay rights.

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  • Kara Souza
    Kara Souza

    lol christian theology is not predicted neither does it include aristotle.

  • Chris

    Comparing Greek men to gay "manliness" practices of today is not something you want to do. Greek men were one of the most arrogant, sexist and discriminatory people in ancient civilization. (they teach that in college) Their reasons were of the fact that a woman were objects and didn't deserve to even have freedom. And that true love was only deserved by men, not women. Classifying gay practices of today with Ancient Greece is outright saying that gays are above everyone else.

  • Lauren Reed
    Lauren Reed

    Technically I think this a good program to teach some of the ignorant people in this world that gay bullying should not be tolerated on any level. I also think that having someone who is visible in the media and pop-culture is a good role model. However, due to the sensitive nature of young gay people’s emotions, it is sometimes polarizing when a popular star publicly declares “I’m straight”. Why can’t Cory Monteith, regardless of his sexual orientation, just say he doesn’t condone bullying on any level. Why must Cory Monteith publicly declare his “straightness” when it comes to gay bullying. What does his sexual orientaion have to do with teaching tolerance? How many celebrities have we had that feel the need to tell the world, due to career goals and a homophobic society, that they are “straight”, only later on, when they need a boost or a headline, reveal the real truth about their sexual orienation. Cory Monteith has done alot to help the LGBTQ community since his rise to fame. The best thing he can do to really make a difference is to come out as a proud, respectful, caring homosexual man who cares about who he really is and not who his delusional fan-base of teenaged girls what him to be. Just do it Cory. We’ll all still love you for who you really are….. a great role-model who happens to be a terrific entertainer.

  • Michael Fightmaster
    Michael Fightmaster

    Aristotle, the greatest western philosopher and on whom much of Christian theology is predicated, was an open advocate of same sex relationships. The concept of homosexuality as a classification is a relatively recent development. Michel Foucault, arguably the most prestigious thinker of post-modernity, details this origin and the absurd, prejudicial, and deleterious emergence of homophobia, in his "History of Sexuality; Volumes I,II and III."

  • Lockieme

    The issue really is, if you are not gay male, then you do not know what it is like, and the issue is further complicated by the fact that we are all different humans... Gender roles for the most part do NOT make any sense... especially modern day ones. who the hell said it is not manly to like the color pink? Who decided that a dress was meant for a woman? It is all really silly and archaic when you really get down to it. Does a man not cry when he is hurt? can a woman not suffer extreme amounts of pain for the benefit of someone else and act as a sort of warrior? The point of this message and this campaign is to treat others as you would have them treat you... basically. The man up thing is about thinking for yourself and making mature decisions that benefin mankind. Yes, woMAN is man too, not in a way downgrading at all. We are all in this together, personally, who you bring to your bedroom and whatever uglies you want to bump or whatever you want to do in there, shouldn't matter. Least most interesting thing about me. I just think this guy is hot and I wish there were more people with courage like him. It is easy to follow the crowd and condemn slash make fun of someone, but it takes a lot to stand up for a minority, especially when you don't apply and don't have to face those problems yourself. Empathy makes the world a better place. On a side note, the manliest of men in ancient Greece were infact not as manly unless they were boning the hell out of the young man (or men) they were training... as well as having a wife. Change is good, but sometimes an oldie can be a goldie... why did we have to go and fix something that wasn't broken in America??? oh right, we are the descendants of closed minded purists... we've come a long way but we got a long way to go before we realize that we are all just human and want the same basic things...

  • Ann

    Being a man means facing your problems in a mature way instead of running from them, that's what people mean when they say "act like a man" I have never met a guy who "wants" to be gay, much less "choose" it. It is not something you choose. Your definition of man is just acting the way society dictated men should be. But it's much more than that. And you're right, the idea of a man has always been of strength, but acting soft or feminine does NOT mean you're not strong. Gay men constantly have to put up with narrow minded people, criticism and rejection, but they are true to themselves and THAT is strength. Standing by while somebody else is being bullied, that's being coward. There's always a resistance to change, but it doesn't mean change isn't good. Be a man.

  • nony

    totally agree with u

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom

    This guy is totally off. Opinions like his, epitomize the problems in the gay rights movement. There are certain standards to which a man must conform, if he truly wants to call himself a man. There is a reason why men, women, gay and straight alike, will say “grow up, and act like a man.” Being a “man” means being durable, tough, strong, and 100% includes being good at relationships with the opposite sex. One of the critical definitions of being a man is knowing how to treat a woman with dignity and respect. I’m sorry, but gay men are not the same as straight men. They don’t adhere to the same “man card” as straight men. If a guy wants to be gay, whatever, that’s his choice. However, that doesn’t mean that we should start redefining the standards for being a man. I don’t even know why this is being made into a gay issue. There are plenty of straight guys, that act “soft” or “feminine” and would not be considered “manly” by normal standards. For CENTURIES, the idea of a man has been one of strength. This was even true in hunting and gathering societies. We can’t redefine centuries of the word “manhood”. I wish the gays would stop making the rest of us feel bad, for sticking to principles that have defined human society for centuries!