Birmingham Gets a Taste of Bieber Fever (PHOTOS)

If you live in England and suddenly find yourself with a case of the sweats and an irresistable desire to shriek at teen boys wearing purple hoodie sweatshirts, then Bieber Fever has hit you hard thanks to Justin Bieber’s UK tour stop.

Bieber belted out his biggest hits to a crowd in Birmingham this weekend. Justin was even wowed not just with the turnout, but by the shape the crowd was in, as he Tweeted: “glad to be back on tour. missed all of my beautiful fans. #winning …. fans here are incredible…you are all looking fit out there.”

Next up for Biebs is a trek to Ireland, where he’ll be performing two shows in Dublin this week. Hopefully the lucky fans in Ireland will get a taste of Bieber’s breakdancing skills, which were on full display in Birmingham. Check them out below: