Expert: Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Video Sale is ‘PR Stunt’

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There’s never a dull moment in the life of Lindsay Lohan. In an turn of events, crucial evidence in the  felony grand theft case against her has gone viral after surveillance video was sold to media outlets.

Could this new development kill the prosecutor’s case?

The tape shows Lindsay shopping at Kamofie & Co. jewelry store on the day shop owners allege she stole a necklace valued at $2,500. The surveillance tape was sold for more than $35,000 to media outlets, with photos already showing up on ETonline.

Celebuzz spoke with Stuart Slotnick, Managing Partner of Bucanan, Ingersoll and Rooney’s New York law office, who says the sale is a “PR stunt.”

“I think it’s going to affect her case tremendously,”  he says. “It’s really going to help Lindsay. As part of her original defense I would have expected her to say this is a PR stunt by the jewelry store. Now, low and behold, the store sells the tape. Why? To get some more PR. If they sell it, they know it’s going to be published. It looks like they’re trying to capitalize on the situation. They’re trying to get money and they’re trying to get as much PR out of [this] as they can. This is really harmful to the owner’s credibility.”

In addition, Slotnick believes Lindsay could even take action against the store, saying it was a false allegation. However, her attention should first be focused on the current felony case.

The actress was charged with one count of felony grand theft in connection with the stolen goods. She and her legal team have maintained that she was given permission to borrow the necklace and hadn’t yet been able to return it to the store. Slotnick says there’s “nothing unbelievable” about her claim.

“The actions store owner took are very helpful to her case,” he adds. “This may make the prosecutor second think their case and maybe offer a deal that would not include jail … of course if she wins this case outright, she’s not going to jail. The actions of selling this tape have increased her chances of being found not guilty.”

Linds is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.