Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Have Mommy-Daughter Time in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

It seems that Vancouver has become a second home to Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, as the two have been spending lots of quality time together as Tom Cruise films Mission Impossible IV there.

While Suri doesn't have her signature Starbucks drink in hand, she did bring along a new friend in the form of a bunny stuffed animal, and as per usual, little Suri, who will turn 5 in April, was looking chic in a peacoat and purple sneakers. Also in her arsenal this time around: A pacifier.

Looks like they'll be spending even more time with Tom on set in the coming months:

It was recently announced that Tom would be joining the cast of the upcoming movie adaptation of Rock of Ages, a hit Broadway show based on the music of the 80s. Also starring? Dancing with the Stars alum Julianne Hough is officially confirmed and the film's director Adam Shankman confirmed 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin, but his reps have yet to comment.

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  • Emerald Robertson
    Emerald Robertson

    I hate to be a ball breaker here but here goes... It is NOT okay for a woman to have post-partum blues (according to Tom it's all in your head) But it IS okay to be so insecure at 4 as to still need a pacifier? This has got to be one of the richest, most spoiled (not necessarily in a bad way either) child on the planet, and she is so insecure that she still sucks on a pacifier at 4. Please tell us Tom...What does Scientology have to say about that humm? Or have you paid to be so high up the ladder that no one says anything you do is detrimental or negative? Funny how becoming a parent has a way of humbling one isn't it?Now you know why most of the women on the planet were angry with you over your statement concerning Brookes very real problem. And by the way, I am a fan of both of you and own most of your movies. But someone had to let you know you have a possible problem on your hands there and that maybe now you can be more sympathetic with other parents. One thing I can tell you is, every day is going to be an adventure and not necessarily a good one. But there is good news...by the time shes grown and left home you'll have a ton of memories to enjoy. And Daddy if you think you know women, well good luck because whether you realize it or not, You have now met your femme fatal and her name is Suri ;) Have fun in about 10 years lol. God Bless you all! And hurry up with that next movie I want to buy :D

  • Cheryl Phillips Chapman
    Cheryl Phillips Chapman

    I do not see this 5 year old child with a pacifier in her mouth!!

  • Guest

    At least we all have visual proof that this child can and will walk on her own two feet. I was beginning to wonder if there was a medical reason she was always being carried around at the age of 4. Now that she's almost 5, we find out she still sucks on a pacificer!!! Well, I guess it's better than the pen!s gummies she was spotted eating a few days ago! Great parenting Katie! Can't wait to see this child on Celebrity Rehab!

  • Di

    too bad the parents are idiots with more money than brains.SHAME on them,you OWE your children better than that.

  • Linda McCoy
    Linda McCoy

    Suri is adorable and dresses really cute but I do think that at five years of age, the pacifier should be OUT!

  • Angela

    She is way too big for the pacificer!!!

  • jacksteen

    SooWee isn't any part of either Teeny Tom OR Katie Stepford ! She's an ugly Korean adoptee. Who's gonna have teeth like Mr. Wong !!

  • Bea

    My daughter didn't give up the pacifier until she was 8. Yes 8! It helped soothe her and calm her down. After she turned 6, I made the rule that the pacifier had to stay in the house. By the time she was 8, I was getting a little exasperated with her.. enough was enough already, I thought. I told her that I wasn't buying any more. She retorted, she would then. Then one night, it got lost. I didn't take it. It was found several days later under furniture. She spent a horrible first night without it. Sobbing uncontrollably. I lay beside her, rubbing her back until she fell asleep. When the thing was finally found, she realized she could do without it. BTW... her teeth are straight and beautiful.

  • koalasloverain

    Her teeth really aren't going to be the problem, since as you said, they'll fall out... If she keeps it in too often, the real problem is going to be a lateral lisp, which pacifiers can encourage or cause.

  • georgiegirl

    Wonderful. She's mature enough to pick out her own clothes (when she was younger), wear shoes with heals, but mom carries her blanket and she now has a pacifier. Are these 'parents' completely nuts? I still remember that after she was born it was quite some time before they would let 'us' see her....Now, every time we turn around they are parading her around.

  • Dee

    I find this photo repulsive. I believe we have all known and excepted that these idiot parents are unable to tell their, almost 5 year old daughter, NO; however, are they too ignorant to realize the damage that they are doing!?!?! All of their money and all of their collective fame, will not be able to save this child, once she is forced to join the real world.

  • temilove

    OMG!! She looks crazy! Way too old for that pacifier, if she wants another baby, then go for it, but let Suri grow up for God's sake.

  • Kim

    Hasn't Katie heard 5 is way too old for a pacifier. Not only do designers love Suri but the Dentist/Orthodontist will love her too. Perhaps Scientology says the child will determine when it is time to stop sucking on a pacifier.

  • mickey

    Katie Holmes and her cult hubby seem to get more attention on how much they do wrong with their child than anything else. If her 5 yr old child is not wearing high heel shoes plastered in full face adult make up walking down the sts. of NYC then she is sucking on an infant binky or being fed an infant bottle while wrapped in an infant baby blanket at age 4.,,Alot of nutty things going on with this kid. Something doesn't fit here. What say you?? New parents? Yep that might work. The kid might be a spoiled brat but i don;t believe she was born that way. The xenu parents need a boot in the rear end,

  • Lynn Pilarski
    Lynn Pilarski

    Seriously...what the hell is wrong with this picture? She's 5 yrs old people....time to drop the pacifier and the bottle....shame on them both!

  • Taz

    She has baby teeth ... her baby teeth will come out. Hopefully she will have figured it out by the time her permanent teeth come in.

  • natalie

    Between her hair never being combed, the high heels, and the pacifier at the age of 5 just shows that all the money in the world cant buy class or smarts.

  • tj

    Sucking on one at home is one thing but sucking on one while walking down a public sidewalk with photographers always lurking nearby is another. She will be teased her whole young adulthood over this. Nice going Mom and Dad!

  • Rebecca Nix
    Rebecca Nix

    I think Suri is a beautiful little girl. However she is way to old to have a pacifier in her mouth. That is Tom and Katies issue. That should have been taking away years ago. Suri is ready for kindergarden.....way to old for this nonsense! Becca

  • julia

    actually sucking on a pacifier will make her teeth grow in crooked

  • kelly

    Seriously - get a life! How can it rot her teeth - is it made out of sugar? To compare a child self soothing with a pacifier to becoming the next lindsay is simply ridiculous. Relax and enjoy life more. You seem a bit uptight :)

  • Tracy Stephens Drake
    Tracy Stephens Drake

    ANY pediatric dentist will tell u this is B-A-D-...I know she is spoiled but good grief...Who is the parent here?

  • Titi

    Gosh first time I saw the kid in a coat-amaing...but a pacifier at FIVE....how bad

  • Kimberly Komnath Ellis
    Kimberly Komnath Ellis

    Seriously, a pacifier at 5??? Amazing a pacifier and Ive seen photos of her in high heels. Not to mentionthat the pacifier is rotting her teeth right out of her mouth. These parents better get a grip and start setting some boundaries for this kid. She will be the next Lindsay Lohan.

  • Cowbell

    Meh, my five year old (who never used a pacifier) will sometime grab a paci from her doll's toys and walk around chomping/sucking on it. No big deal.

  • jacksteen

    Another $cientology Parental Advisory proven to be BOGUS ! Vinnie Barbarino and his beard, Kelli Press-OnP*nis, listened to the Cult and their son Jitt DIED from vitamins - versus - medication for seizure disorder...and now spineless Katie Stepford falls victim of tyrant Korean adoptee Soo-Wee's crying about her BINKY !! Gotta LOVE those STRONG THETANS !!

  • surprised mom
    surprised mom

    Isn't almost 5 years old a little too old for a pacifier?