Brad Pitt Dons Mobster Chic for ‘Cogan’s Trade’ – First Pics! (PHOTOS)

Brad Pitt: Scarf Lover
See pics of Brad in his fave accessory.
Can dreamy Brad Pitt pull off the tough mobster look? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actor was spotted dressed in his tough guy uniform of a black leather jacket and slicked back hair when he was walking around on the set of his new movie, Cogan’s Trade.

In the movie, Brad plays Jackie Cogan, an enforcer (a nicer way of saying a hired thug) who is called in by the Mob to investigate a botched poker game. By the looks of it, Brad has the sleazy mobster look down!

Javier Bardem, Mark Ruffalo and Sam Rockwell are also rumored to star in Cogan’s Trade alongside Brad.

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