Charlie Sheen’s 'WINNING' Streak Continues in Latest Ustream Rant (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen's Ustream Rant
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Charlie Sheen’s most recent media rampage started Sunday afternoon and this train wreck has no end in sight.

Sunday night, Sheen took to Ustream to address the overwhelming response to his online show Sheen's-Korner, which debuted Saturday night. In true Sheen fashion, the ex-Two and a Half Men star spouted off a tirade laced with f-bombs in between taking puffs on a cigarette.

"Last night was a shameful trainwreck filled with like blind cuddly puppies," he said of the show. "I tried to use their format. I don't fit into their format. Their format is cat s**t stuck to the bottom of my sprinting shoe."

Not to be outdone by his eyebrow-raising antics of weeks gone by, Sheen streamed a private conversation with a business associate. "I'm videoing this phone call because I'm tired of losing all my f***ing gold into the f***ing ethersphere of f***ing stupidity," said Sheen. "My thing is f***ing gold and platinum and diamonds and every other precious f***ing gem that falls out of losers' butth***s."

Check out last night's episode of "Sheen's-Korner:"

Sheen’s Twitter following has swelled to over 2 million in the past week, with much of it propelled by the actor‘s strangely entertaining tweets. Sheen drops gems like, “fastball; Cuban, a mad genius, proclaimed every brain cell in ths Warlock brain 2 B a weapon of mass destruction. U've been warned; by him.”

Sheen has even started a search for a paid summer intern to “be proactive, monitor the day-to-day activities on the major social media platforms, prepare for exciting online projects and increase Charlie’s base of followers. You will learn how to promote and develop the social media network of Hollywood’s most trending celebrity.”

Sheen’s antics may have found a place on Mark Cuban’s new HDNet Channel in the form of a reality show; however, there has been no official word on if the show will ever see the light of day. Whether he’s ranting and raving to followers on Ustream or flashing his “WINNING” tattoo to members of his entourage, one thing’s for sure: No one does crazy quite like Charlie Sheen.

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  • alyissa

    this is so sad.

  • dafish11

    he needs help...hes not healthy he needs to go to rehab or something just for the better of him. he has a mental problem like im not trying to be mean but i really think he has schizophrenia its kinda obvious

  • Franc

    Charlie the only thing that you are winning at is a quick trip to a psych ward. You don't deserve the time of day from anybody. Grow the F up loser.