Miranda Cosgrove to Quit the Biz to Go to College?

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iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to dish on life, the business and her perfect man.

In an episode that airs Wednesday, March 9, the teen sensation shared with Ellen her plans to take a break from her busy showbiz career and head off to college, telling the talk show host, “I just sent all my college applications in so I’m waiting to see what happens. I’m in 12th grade but I’ll find out in the next few weeks,” adding she applied to USC and NYU. When asked if this meant an end to her TV days, Cosgrove replied, ” I still really want to do my show so I’m going to try to keep filming. Maybe if I go to USC I can still do it since I’ll be in LA.”

As for her perfect dream guy, the Neutrogena pitchwoman knows exactly what she wants.

Miranda tells Ellen, ” I’m actually looking for a boyfriend so if you know anyone,” joking, “You know a lot of great people.” So who fits the bill? “Shia Labeouf and Zac Efron put together,” she says, “with a Michael Cera personality.” Easy enough, right?!

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