Prank War: Justin Bieber ‘Fires’ His Guitarist

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In what will surely only be the opening shot in a prank war that will play out via Twitter, Justin Bieber pulled a fast one on his guitarist Dan Kanter by pretending to fire him on Monday.

Kanter’s Twitter broke the news on Monday evening while the two were in the midst of their UK tour … only it wasn’t Kanter typing the following message: “hey guys just wanted to inform all of the fans first that I have resigned from working with justin and I will be deleting my twitter soon.”

Bieber had hijacked Kanter’s phone, and tweeted the message, and followed up on his own account shortly after , adding mystery to the situation: “you will be missed @dankanter .. but what you did was horrible. you will never be forgiven.”

As the prank played out online, Bieber’s concert photographer and director Alfredo Flores killed all the fun by letting Kanter know it was only a prank, saying: “
@dankanter don’t worry. I saw Justin tweet that from your phone. Everyone FALSE ALARM! LOL *as Dan fights Justin for his phone back* … The thing is if Justin asks “Can I see your phone” #JUSTSAYNO… Simple. That way you won’t get pranked… #Prankstercantgetme …”

Oh, we’re sure Justin will do everything he can to get you now, Alfredo.