Selena Gomez’s New Single ‘Who Says’ is ‘For the Haters’ (LISTEN)

Biebs & SelGo Kiss!
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Selena Gomez Performs
The Disney diva belts out tunes in Puerto Rico!
Justin Bieber’s main gal pal Selena Gomez stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on Tuesday morning to pimp her music and sing the praises of her mom and her man (sort of).

While the main reason for the visit was to debut Selena’s latest single, “Who Says,” of course the Biebs was brought up. So what did the 18-year-old have to say about their budding romance?

Not much! The singer remained relatively tight-lipped when it came to those questions. But she did talk about the age gap between the two, saying that even though she’s 18 she feels like she’s “15.”

Sel-Go also talked about how close she is with her mom and manager, as well as what she does to get her mind off the “haters” — ignore them!

Take a listen to the full song below:

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