‘Twilight’ Director Sounds Off on Kristen Stewart’s ‘Snow White’ Role

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Kristen Stewart has finally been confirmed to star as the fairest of them all in an adaptation of Snow White. Now her Twilight collaborator, director Catherine Hardwicke, is dishing on how she thinks Kristen will do in the film.

E! Online met with with the director of the first film in the mega-franchise at the premiere of her latest movie, Red Riding Hood (which open March 11), and asked about K-Stew’s Snow White role. So what’d she have to say?

“She’s going to be a bad ass, learning how to hunt. That is perfect for Kristen! She’s an athlete, she’s a kick-ass chick. She’s going to do good in that.”

Between this and her upcoming vampire role in Breaking Dawn, we have a feeling people will see a side K-Stew they’ve never seen before!

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