'Twilight' Director Sounds Off on Kristen Stewart's 'Snow White' Role

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Kristen Stewart has finally been confirmed to star as the fairest of them all in an adaptation of Snow White. Now her Twilight collaborator, director Catherine Hardwicke, is dishing on how she thinks Kristen will do in the film.

E! Online met with with the director of the first film in the mega-franchise at the premiere of her latest movie, Red Riding Hood (which open March 11), and asked about K-Stew's Snow White role. So what'd she have to say?

"She's going to be a bad ass, learning how to hunt. That is perfect for Kristen! She's an athlete, she's a kick-ass chick. She's going to do good in that."
Between this and her upcoming vampire role in Breaking Dawn, we have a feeling people will see a side K-Stew they've never seen before!

How do you think Kristen will fair as Snow White? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!

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  • Steff17

    kristen is going to be amazing for the snow white!!!

  • guest

    She is going to be awesome!!! this is not your fairy tale that we remember it is a better she will kick ASS go Kstew. Can't wait to see her hunt.

  • edwardbella2

    she can do well it doesnt matter that you believe or not.

  • Tanu

    I don't believe tat she can do well.

  • edwardbella2

    She is surely gonna perform it well as shes is loyal and hardworking towards her profession.best of luck kristin

  • 3rd party
    3rd party

    Wow someone's bitter. But I agree with the first person's response. This type of character will challenge Kristen. It will be a make or break moment for her in a way. I think she'd do well with it.

  • em

    OK Kristen's mom, you persuaded us! This film will tank&it's gonna be more hillarious than when her previous films tanked!

  • Fairest of them all
    Fairest of them all

    I feel that she will do a great job. I appreciate her ability to bring a little bit of her in every character she portrays. And I am glad this character will allow her to branch out because it's like none she's played before. Snow white is more feminine, delicate, and genuinely is all things beautiful and light. Therefore this will be more in your face change and show the general public her diversity. I'm her fan already and can appreciate her works but I also am aware of all the flack she faces from those who aren't. And this should help them see.