Willow Smith Gets Ready to Rock Ireland (PHOTOS)

Many Looks of Willow Smith
Check out Willow's looks over the years!
William and Kate weren’t the only superstars to take Ireland by storm on Tuesday.

Willow Smith and much of the Smith clan were in Dublin and mingling with the locals in the hours before Willow was set to take the stage to open up for Justin Bieber. Willow, her brother Jaden and papa bear Will all showed their Irish fans some American celebrity hospitality, taking time to sign some autographs on the way to the venue.

It’s been a big week for Willow, who unleashed a video for her second single, “21st Century Girl,” on Monday. The video starts with the emerging of Willow from a desert and eventually evolving into a high rise city, and is equipped with dancers, crazy awesome fashions and awesome dance moves. Check it out below: