Charlie Sheen Admits: 'I'm Really Starting to Lose My Mind'

Charlie Sheen's Suicide Reference to Life & Style
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In what won't come as much of a surprise to anyone who's been following his media and online whirlwind over the past week or two, Charlie Sheen is reflecting on his mental state, admitting that he's in need of help, and even making a frightening allusion to suicide.

In an interview with Life & Style, Sheen admits: "I'm really starting to lose my mind ... I'm ready to call anyone to help."

It's the first sign of anything other than wild bravado and confidence from Sheen, who has been on a weeks-long tirade of web videos, interviews and other antics that have made him a cultural phenomenon. And while "winning" may have been his mantra, Sheen's story to Life & Style is anything but.

“I’m really trying to contain myself right now ... My lawyer wants to come over to my house and take the bullets out of my gun," Sheen says.

Many have speculated that Sheen is in need of help, whether it's psychiatric or addiction-based. A Life & Style source says that “Charlie is a ticking time bomb, and we all fear he could do something drastic like committing suicide or falling back on hard drugs.”

Meantime, Charlie unveiled his fourth -- and allegedly final -- "Sheen's Korner" video on Tuesday night, in which he once again rants about the various aspects of his life that have been making headlines. Watch it below:

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  • Gayle

    Why have they not commited this guy? He needs serious HELP! When someone totally melts down like this...they are not going to help themselves...they don't really think they have a PROBLEM (hence they serve their REHAB at HOME like Charlie did....and life goes on as before). Family needs to hold a intervention and LOCK him up until he can get off the drugs and alcohol. Only then, can you tell if he is having a real mental breakdown, or if this is all because of the drugs he is doing. I know what I speak of, because my husband started showing signs of paranoia (which we did not recognise soon enough to save him). He ended up taking his own life. He was not as obvious as Charlie.......Charlie is crying for HELP.

  • Melanie Endsley
    Melanie Endsley

    Uh, I've got a new word for Charlie... "CRAZY!"

  • David

    I guess he's not winning anymore, may be he OD with tiger blood ;)