Vanessa Hudgens Flashes a Lotta Leg in Short Shorts (PHOTOS)

Vanessa's Sexiest Looks
Miss Hudgens looking her finest.
March is the month of Vanessa Hudgens: She’s got two movies — Beastly opened last week and Sucker Punch is set for March 29 — and because of that, she’s been out and about, working the publicity scene and looking absolutely fabulous all along the way.

Hudgens was spotted in Venice on Tuesday and was definitely embracing the laid-back California attitude when it came to her style. Rocking colorful short-shorts that flaunted her fabulous legs, Hudgens made a coffee run with a male friend and wore a big smile for photographers.

Last week while in New York City, Hudgens wowed onlookers with a pair of sky-high heels as she made her way into the Ed Sullivan Theater to tape Letterman, and then the following day she kept eyes fixated on her by wearing a stunningly sexy blue velvet dress.

While Beastly — a modern-day Beauty and the Beast — is already out, Sucker Punch may prove to be the bigger vehicle for Hudgens. As part of a team of butt-kicking gals, Hudgens will get to show off her tough side for the first time. Check out the trailer: