Celebuzz Gets ‘Beverly Hills Fabulous’ With Top Star Stylist Elgin Charles

Guys Hair-Don'ts!
When bad hair happens to hot guys.
Ladies Hair-Don'ts!
When bad hair happens to hot ladies.
A bad hair day can totally ruin a good time. For the Hollywood crowd, their choice of hairstyle can make or break their look — leaving them the subject of international ridicule. No pressure or anything.

Celebuzz spoke with Elgin Charles, owner of Elgin Charles Salon in Beverly Hills and star of VH1’s new reality show, Beverly Hills Fabulous, which focuses on his styling team and his relationship with ex-wife (227 star) Jackee Harris. In our one-on-one with the stylist to the stars, he dishes on tricks of the trade, his favorite clients and what to do about the latest hair extension trend.

What inspired you to become a hairdresser and open a salon in Beverly Hills?

I was born with a brush in my hand. My mom told me I should go for it. I did my research and got into it.

What is your favorite part of doing hair?

Complete makeovers. I like doing red carpet looks. I like taking someone and giving them a completely different look.

Which celebrity’s has the best hair?

I’d say Beyonce. Her hair is great!

You and Jackee used to be married. How is the relationship with each other now?

We know each other really well, so we know what each other likes or doesn’t like.

A lot of celebrities have signature looks. Do you think it’s better to keep that or change it up a bit?

I think the girls should change it up. Unless she’s doing something specific, which is fine, but I think it’s good to stay modern and have different styles.

A lot of celebrities have extensions now. Do you think they should let their natural hair shine once in a while or keep the professional look?

I always say to compliment your hair style with your lifestyle. If you need extensions for a good look then use them. Also, if you have a certain facial structure, you should match it up with that. Do whatever it takes to look good, but also make sure it’s something you can afford to do each day.

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