Happy 40th Birthday to Hollywood Hunk Jon Hamm! (PHOTOS)

Jon's Dog Day Afternoon
Jon Hamm & his furry friend.
Olivia Wilde isn’t the only sexy A-Lister celebrating a birthday today — Mad Men star Jon Hamm turns 40 years old today and the Celebuzz crew is in agreement that he’s never looked better.

While there are beefcakes aplenty in showbiz, there’s just something about Jon that makes him stand out from the crowd. Maybe it’s his smile? His raw talent? His impeccable and amazing comedic timing?

We’d like to think it’s a combination off all these things (along with his devestatingly handsome good looks) that make us love Mr. Jon Hamm.

To celebrate this monumentous occasion, take a look at some of Jon at his best (which is always) and also watch one of Celebuzz’s favorite Hamm moments — the 2010 Emmys opening:

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