Khloe Kardashian Gets Mobbed in the Miami Sun (PHOTOS)

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The gorgeous sunshine of South Beach in Miami was enough to make Khloe Kardashian break out her phone camera and snap away in the sunshine on Wednesday.

Khloe was in the MIA with her brother Rob, where the two checked up on things at the family's booming DASH boutique franchise. With her aviator shades to block the sun and a blue dress blowing in the breeze, dozens of onlookers whipped out their cameras to take their very own Kardashian snapshot as Khloe walked down the street.

Khloe and her hubby Lamar Odom have been hard at work filming their new reality series, Khloe and Lamar, which will premiere on E! on April 10. Upon the show's announcement, Khloe wrote on her blog:

How exciting is this?! It’s been an option since we got married, but we wanted to enjoy our first year in private. With Keeping Up with the Kardashians, only a very small part of our life together is shown, but with this show, we’re putting it ALL out there LOL. Rob will play a major role in this too since he lives with us. He’s basically like our son LOL. With the three of us living together, it’s honestly like a sitcom. Trust me, there will be a lot of laughs.
Check out a trailer below:



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  • whitney

    serious you look stunning in this photo, Khloe! So happy for you!

  • KK

    Hi Khloe This isn't really a question, but I want to tell you anyways. You are so beautiful and I think you're a sweet and loving girl with such a big and loving heart (regardless of the fact that people call you a b**** when it's really just you being protective and looking out for your family or friends - something I really respect). Keep doing what you do and keep going. We all love you. xoxoxo

  • KK

    Hi Khloe What is the most important thing in life, in your opinion? Thanks

  • mzchaos

    I am part of a big family, and my sister and I love to watch the show because it reminds us of our family!!! I would love to find out what you love and could live without being part of a big close family!

  • felicia vela
    felicia vela

    i love yuhr glasses

  • Laaiqah

    are maliekah & khadiejah muslim and have they ever explained their religion to you honestly what did you think of RSA when you were here ?

  • paulamc

    hi khloe, ur biggest Irish fan here, my questions is... if u were a ghost for a day who would u haunt!! thank you.xx

  • annausa

    I would want to know, what qualities do you see in Lamar that remind you of your father?

  • tay

    I would ask just 2 spend the day with u which isnt enough cuz i would love a weekend. To spend time with ur crazy em....and to hang out with you would be unforgettable!!!


    QUE MAMI que tu heres vell MAMASOTA

  • Charlotte Holt
    Charlotte Holt

    Heyy :) First I just wanna say that I love you.. And that you are an inspiration too so many women!! Just wanna know, you and your mum have such a good relationship how do you stay such good friends with her? Me and my mum always argue and hardly get on. Also what was your fav childhood memory? Love you loads. Charlotte x

  • Anne

    to me she is the best out of the three

  • bellabambolina

    Khloe - I love the way that you dress, I truly admire it! I went to visit your Dash store in November when I was in Miami. I wish that you were there when I was I would of loved to meet you!

  • shar

    I wonder if the poor girl behind you knows one of her cupcakes is jumping out of her dress? But, hey! She matches your purse!