Nikki Reed Brings ‘Twilight’ Fever to Hollywood (PHOTOS)

With most of her Breaking Dawn cast getting down to business on the next Twilight installment up in brisk Vancouver, Nikki Reed was in Hollywood this week keeping the buzz alive in the U.S.

Nikki was all smiles as she sauntered her way down the street in Hollywood, eventually winding up the grand opening of the Lexington Social Club. Even as autograph-seekers flung their wares in her mug, Reed was a sport and kept her grin beaming.

Meantime, Robert Pattinson, the Wolf Pack and other Twilight stars have been filming the final Dawn films in Vancouver, hitting the town and bringing a good deal of paparazzi influx into the city.

It’s been a banner week for Reed. On her blog, she wrote about a chance encounter with the cast of a show she adores: American Idol. Reed writes:

On Monday night, my dream of meeting the cast came true when we coincidentally attended the same premiere. I stood in the crowd, where I felt safely camouflaged, as my father (who was also my date) laughed and referenced my shy years (age 0-12). I can’t recall which story he told because in all honesty, I wasn’t paying attention. (Sorry dad- but you get it. Was it not five minutes later that Diane Lane sat a few feet away from us in the theater, and I too felt what it was like talking to someone who wasn’t listening?)