What's Next for Charlie Sheen? Expert Weighs In

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Charlie Sheen has been literally "winning" the news cycle for the past few weeks but will he be able to remain the internet's favorite celeb once his viral appeal wears off? Celebuzz spoke with Dan Schawbel, a branding expert and author of Me 2.0, about how Charlie can rehab his image and not let the attention fade.

Do you think Charlie Sheen needs to rehab his image?

If Charlie wants to be taken seriously by major TV networks, he may have to rehab his image. Although, he has been receiving job offers lately, including one from Marc Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. The amount of interest in Charlie is immense and he has the chance to capitalize on it right now. He won't have this amount of exposure, from the likes of The Today Show and 20/20, next month. His current image will repel certain advertisers and networks, but attract others.

For example, Howard Stern, an unorthodox radio personality, is very interested in working with him. He may even get offered a larger contract than his previous TV show now that he's ultra famous and has captured the worlds attention. He even mentioned that he has several movie proposals from major Hollywood producers.

Do you think Charlie’s new viral celebrity will hurt his career in the long run?

Typically, viral celebrities have short-term success, but not a long-term future. Charlie was very famous before his internet stardom, so it's only made him more famous. It's very hard to avoid Charlie on social networks, blogs, and in the traditional news media. When you become a household brand name, you can always monetize your fame. Charlie will always have revenue outlets. He has also amassed over 2.4 million Twitter followers already, which he can always connect with, even ten years from now.

What do you think Charlie’s next steps should be?

Charlie should apologize through social media and traditional media for his behavior. People are very understanding of celebrities that go through rehab and make a recovery. In this case, if Sheen apologizes, his fans will back him and people will let it go. He should continue to pursue new opportunities, figure the situation with his ex-wife and children out immediately, and continue to build his online presence.

A lot of Charlie’s breakdown has been documented on Twitter and Ustream, is there a way for him to use his social media presence to rehab his image?

Charlie can leverage Twitter and Ustream to rebuild his image and get his message out there in a fast and transparent way. The people who follow him are interested in what he has to say next and if he's honest and straightforward, they will listen.

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  • realchec

    lets see how long it takes you to jump off the CS bandwagon when he stops winning through his own incoherency and people loosing interest in watching his downfall. He has momentum right now with media hype, but alas, that will start to wain and you and millions of other CS lemurs will have a shell to champion. I think if he is open and honest with recovery from substance abuse and focuses on how to help others, that could and would be a winning media blitz that will sustain him long after this tigerblood, truth torpedo, warlock rhetoric of self centered egotistical bombardment of projection will. My 2 cents

  • striker24

    Worst advice I have ever seen. You think becoming the fastest to $1 million twitter followers is indicative of poor branding? Charlie Sheen should not and will not ever apologize to anyone. Losers apologize, winners keep winning and gaining fans. His brand has never been so big, he's a smart guy and it's no accident.